Our bull just arrived, he’s 10 months old but certainly capable of doing his job! Xena got a little over excited and playfully kicked him in the face…
As TPP moves ahead, Mulcair moves to make supply management an election issue

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is demanding Prime Minister Stephen Harper fully defend Canada’s supply management system at the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiating table, accusing the Conservatives of creating a “climate of uncertainty” around the future of the country’s dairy, eggs and poultry sectors.

The demand comes four months before a scheduled federal election and with a summer of campaigning looming, with the agricultural community poised for a fight over supply management.

In a strongly worded letter dated June 26 and obtained by iPolitics, Mulcair calls on the prime minister to “commit to defending supply management in its entirety and reassure Canadians that it will be protected in all future negotiations.”

“Your evasive words earlier this week only heighten the uncertainty felt by Canadian producers and their families, whose livelihood depends on supply management,” Mulcair wrote, referring to comments made by the prime minister in Quebec City last week.

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#RaisingPoultry :: the hatchery

I’ll admit, I don’t know much about chickens. On the scale of education on chickens, I’m like a kindergartner. The person who wrote this article and the following articles however, they are comparable to being in college or having their phD in chickens. Chickens are cool, cool birds and I give kudos to anyone with chickens. I have babysat friend’s chickens before and they’re cool chickens that are smart and have their own personalities. This article, and the following that I’ll post day by day, explain the poultry industry much better than I ever could.


Trombone Serenade for Cattle

This guy has a whole YouTube channel of brass for bovines

For a human, it would be like carrying 600 pounds between our teeth

Leafcutter ants have been farming for 60 million years, using their own bodies. 

I just learned about an awesome kqedscience series called “Deep Look” via @io9. Learn more amazing factoids like this in this great video about how ants use leaves to harvest a highly nutritious fungus. They are “fungus tycoons.”

i just found out PETA is against service dogs for the disabled, and ended up reading non-PETA vegan critiques of working dogs, saying they are ‘enslaved.’

I think I might be too rural to ever really understand ideological veganism. I have a lot of respect for promoting animal welfare, but I also spend too much time working with both animals and ecological theory to think of these mutualistic survival strategies as inherently exploitative. I just fundamentally don’t get it.

How A Historical Blunder Helped Create The Water Crisis In The West

Investigative reporter Abrahm Lustgarten on how much water it takes to grow alfalfa, which is grown to feed cows:

“If you were to pick any one crop that uses the most water in the Colorado River Basin, it’s alfalfa. There’s a lot of surprising aspects to alfalfa usage, not just that it supports our meat and dairy industries but a lot of it is actually exported to support other countries’ meat and dairy industries. There’s large alfalfa farms in southern California and southern Arizona for example that are owned by the United Arab Emirates, or other Middle Eastern countries. I calculated, based on the very high water intensity of say a steak, you can calculate that if Americans theoretically ate one less meal of meat each week it would save an amount of water that could be the equivalent of the entire annual flow of the Colorado River.”


The phantom of the oper-baa! Sheep has black mark across its face which makes it look like character from musical

  • Nicknamed ‘The Phantom’, Texel sheep born with black and white face
  • Dark covering on left side of head makes him a dead ringer for stage icon
  • Musical’s tragic protagonist wears mask which hides half of his face
  • The Phantom is now a major tourist attraction in Herefordshire village

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This is in memory of my dear friend Pip. She was the kindest soul you would ever meet. She could make you laugh when you were crying and she would cuddle you when you were alone. She would go on adventures with me to new places and meeting new people.
She passed away this year in my arms quietly at the old age of 15. She and I spent everyday together for these 15 years. She was more then a chicken to me, I just want people to understand these beautiful creatures. They are so much more than people give them credit for.
She came to me with her sister as chicks, abandoned at my home. Her sister became ill as a young hen and passed at the age of 5. This devastated Pip, she wouldn’t eat or move for a week. As time past she healed but it was a slow process. She lived with me in my house as part of the family. She had a cage yes, but it was only her nest to her. Pip was free to do as she wanted. She had a little couch in my room next to my bed, a pillow just for her on my bed, and all of the toys anyone could ever want. She was a wonderful cuddling creature and I miss her everyday.
I want you to take time and look at her eyes in these pictures. Try to understand. Chickens are not meant to be locked up in wire cages or barns for your food. They are not meant to live only until they are 2 years old if lucky. They are meant to be loving and caring free souls. Please, don’t buy into the lies that the big industry feeds you. Their birds are not free range or happy. This is what a happy healthy chicken looks like. Please go vegan or at least try to eat less if possible. Please share her with everyone.