Supernatural meme: 4 objects [2/4] → Horsemen’s rings

“The Cage you sprung Lucifer from? It’s still down there. And maybe, just maybe, you can shove his ass back in… And here’s the big secret, Lucifer himself doesn’t know; the key to the cage? It’s out there. Actually it’s keys, plural. Four keys, well, four rings. From the Horsemen. You get ‘em all, you got the Cage.

Playing Solo Lane Ra in Smite the Other Day. Here's the freestyle

Uhh. Playin’ the sun god, Ra

Spammin’ my laugh, Ka-Ka Ka-Ka-Ka Ka

Snipin’ fools with my ult, Uhhh Blaaaaaaah

Jukin’ goons with my Speed of Light

Solar Blessing, healing up during fight

Devine Light blind ya, my light game bright

Farmin’ up creeps, to stack my Warlock Sash

Enemies QQ-in from me burnin’ up their ass

Takin’ down towers, siege game on point

Celestial Beam in this bit’ blazin’ up that joint

I’m the god of sun, Searing Pain for everyone

With my ‘Murica skin, this game is as good as won

finally got around to updating this so i guess i’ll post it

a visual outline of where you can get x type of food, basically. it’s meant to make farming easier to work out + see what foods you probably should not convert from said farming. yup

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Beth Greene


"—Y’know, I think we’ll be okay. I mean, we’ve got Daryl huntin’, Rick, Carl, and Daddy farmin’, Carol’s teachin’ all the little ones. We could do it. We could make this place home.”

One of My friends Bolted up from Level 20 to 24 . So I was Like oh good for you ..hmm wonder what caused it ..you know what caused it…do you know what caused it?……. HARD LIGHT!This motherfucker had hard light drop for him. I been farmin strikes allll week you wanna know what’s the best gear I,ve gotten … Manifold Seeker I mean fuck man… oooo exclusive gear ..Fuck that shit.Hard light is the closest thing there is to a Mass effect esque gun on there and I want it. You can keep your exclusive gear and your Red death give me my Fuckin mass effect type gun NOW!..…SIGH Xur ..you’re my only Hope now…….*Prayer hands*

So I’m farmin ore to level up my pally’s professions out in Felwood then all of a sudden I realize that I’m near the spot where the rare Minifernal pets spawn. After trying awhile back I decided on a hunch to turn out my pet tracker again.

Found one right as I turned on the tracker and it turned out to be a rare quality which I captured quickly.

EDIT: I also wish to add that it was the only one out there.

I can’t even describe how amazing this is - cured for 4 years. Jamón Ibèrico de bellota Farmin. Hand-carved, dry-cured ham from the legendary free-range acorn fed, Ibèrico pigs of Spain. @chefjoseandres @cosmopolitan_lv #foodie #jaleo #vegas #curedmeats #spain (at Jaleo Las Vegas)