I helped with a service project today with my church, fixing up a local park. Instead of eating the burgers and hotdogs they had afterwards, I packed a lunch of bananas, an apple, and chocolate flax granola 😊 I also stopped by a local farmer’s market and got some cromini mushrooms, lemongrass mint vanilla infused water, and maple coconut chocolate. And let me tell ya… this chocolate was legit, made chiefly with pure cacao (and vegan of course). Soooo good 😋 (at Mosby Farms)

Lunch! 🌱 made from the ridiculous amount of produce I picked up at the market this morning

My first weekend living alone in a new city … It’s exciting! There are lots of new things to do! But a part of me wishes I had my friends, dogs, and mum to do them with.

Course work time ;D