A Farewell - I HATE THIS SO MUCH!!

I already messaged the main about this, but I wanted to post a message for you all.  I’m so overwhelmed and stressed about school, life, college, and this whole becoming a responsible adult thing—it’s just..ugh.  I’ve tried to balance my schoolwork and college apps with MIM, but it’s not looking too good.  I hate that I have to give up my characters, but I don’t think it’s very fair to you guys because I can’t keep up with everything.

I’m seriously going to miss all of you.  I feel like I have become a part of your family.  You all are by far the most incredible people that I’ve ever met.  The way you all portray your characters is INSANE.

Emma—you are literally Blair Waldorf.  When I read your replies, I can literally hear Blair’s voice in my head.  Lucas..unf.  And I ship Mia and Lucas, okay.  

Madison—I’m going to miss Dan/Nate convos! And even though, I played Dan, I wanna let you and Gen know that I would stalk your Serenate convos because they have always been my OTP.  I seriously love how you guys portray their relationship.  It’s so freaking cute!!

Gen—I’ll hate myself forever for not making Dan try to steal Serena away from Nate.  I wish I had made Dan talk to Serena more too.  It’s all my fault :(

Another OTP of mine—CHAIR OF COURSE.  Emma and Shelby—you left me powerless with your paras and convos.  Shelby—I’m convinced you are Chuck Bass.  

Jesi—you are the perfect Jenny.  I’m seriously to miss Dan and Jenny’s dynamic.  I’m also going to miss reading Jenny/Bradley’s convos and paras!

Reagan—I’m sorry that Dan was just a dick to Bradley.  Just know that I love Bradley <3

Sparkaway—another ship I found myself falling in love with.  Maria—Mia is such a dork, but I love her.  And Thomas is—well—he’s hot.  If only Liv wasn’t in the way…  Ebony—I can’t now picture Nina Dobrev without thinking of you and Liv! Liv was one of my favorites seriously.

Liz—I LOVE YOUR A SOFTER MIM EDITS!! They’re so beautiful <3 I’m going to miss badass Cate :( I’m really feeling the pink hair, too.  You did an amazing job with developing her character, too.  

Kimmy—UGH, I’M GOING MISS TO DANIELLE/DAN CONVOS! They literally killed me.  By the way, Dan would pick Serena over Danielle any day.  But he knows in his heart that he belongs with Danielle. He feels like she is his equal.  Also, you are perfect as Danielle. 

Xan and Sam—Aaron and Rachel need to be an item already, okay.  Because they’re too adorable together.  Just stop with the cuteness.

 Ness—SAGE DIDN’T GET HER REVENGE!  I’m totally butthurt! I really loved their rivalry.  

Mandy—Quinn was one of my many favorite characters on MIM.  Continuing sleeping with all of UES…even Danielle ;)  Dan approves.

Rida and Claire—I’m also very convinced that you are Georgina Sparks and Carter Baizen.  Seriously, are you them?  Where do you find your muse?  TEACH ME!

Omg, Mia! Asher is so freaking adorable!! I hated that Sage was so mean to him.  But Dan thinks Asher is pretty cool.

Britta—I didn’t get a chance for Dan/Sage to interact with Ridley, but I would read all of her convos.  Man, she can be a bitch and that’s one of the reason why I love—also Phoebe Tonkin..YESS.  Charlotte and Carter—my favorite hook up.  

Effy—Austin is so hot! But he seems like a very complicated person and you really do an amazing job of showing that.  I love how he’s always there for Val.  Austin may be an ass, but he’s good boyfriend material.  Also, Brooke is seriously cute, too.  I was excited to see what was going to happen with her and Reese :(

Kim—I wish Sage and Violet could have interacted more :( I’m totally sad that I have to leave before things could get heated between them.

Dara—Steven is the perfect badass.  Please continue being perfect. I also appreciate you bringing Nico’s sexy face to the dash.

 Trixie—I’m hoping that Tyler recovers from his addiction because he’s such a good kid—even if he’s a Waldorf.  That was my inner Dan speaking.  

Lena—JULIAN IS SEXY.  That is all.  I’m going to regret not having Sage jump on that.  

Charlotte—you’re an amazing Val.  My heart goes out to her.  She lost her dad before she got a chance to get to know him!! Val and Austin are one of my ships, too.

Barbara—Dan is not a fan of Reese.  But I love Reese—he’s another favorite character of mine. Please corrupt Brooke.  This is bad that I’m encourage Reese to do this, but I LIVE for drama.

ALL OF YOU CONTINUE YOU BEING PERFECT, OKAY?  All of you are AH-MAZING roleplayers and such incredible people.  Btw, Britta, you should tell everyone some more of your grocery store stories.

New members, like Joe and Amber—I’m so happy that you decided to join MIM.  This is such an amazing place full of amazing people.  You’re going to love it here!

I really don’t want to leave you all, but I think it’s for the best.  Hopefully, things will cool down and I can come back.  Maybe Dan will be open when I come back! Omg, I’m going to miss Dan and Sage.  I’m going to miss Dan a little more, though.  He will forever be my baby.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your family.

I love each and every one of you, seriously <3

Before I leave, I want you all to have this.


You’re welcome.

Love you guys,

Aleya <3

you guys i think the norman osborn situation has run its course

i won’t pretend i’m not a little disappointed, that was odd and cathartic and fun and at some point i’m going to examine the development of the “trash baby” impulse, i have some ideas as to whence it comes

anyway i’m not deleting any of it, it’s all there in its self-incriminating glory

Thank You BioWare. For Everything.


It’s 12:27 AM on September 12th in BioWare Edmonton and I’m listening to Das Malefitz by Faunts. I know it’s late, but I’m sure I’m not the only one in the office. We’re shipping a video game. Non-conventional hours are understandable. I’m trying to find a picture of myself on a motorcycle as a toddler to prove a point to the Dragon Age art director, after an evening at the pub and answering emails to finalize details about Montreal Comiccon, Edmonton Expo, and Geek Girl Con.

Also, this will be my last day at BioWare.

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