Song Titles?!?

Made a blog post on our website about the upcoming release, including what songs are being released :)


Go check it out! I know the website is kind of lame and confusing and I’m terrible at updating it…but I plan on working on it soon or figuring out a better strategy. In the meantime, you can go there and find links to everything, join our email list, and browse the few things that are there.

There should be new PHOTOS coming soon, so that’s a good reason to join the email list :)


The Far and Away Mixtape will be released tomorrow (September 1st) at 12pm PST/3pm EST (more) here: http://farandawaymusic.bandcamp.com/

Songs: ‘Tunnel Vision’, 'Up From Under’, 'Butter Brains’ and 'Hope in Lines’.

Remember that you only need $3 to download the four songs, but you can always contribute with a little bit more if you can when you purchase them on Bandcamp. And soon it’s going to be on iTunes too, so follow @farandawayband for more information.

And of course you all are more than invited to share the information about the mixtape with your friends, family, another sites on the Internet and literally everybody. Don’t forget to use the tag #farandawaymixtape!