Fuck… now even my original photography gets reposted -.- im sorry but this makes me wanna talk. First things first: stop reposting photos for gods sake (original photography specially) because thats getting pretty fucking anoying around here. REBLOG, if you like what you see. Do not repost photos to your blog because thats rude and disrespectful towards the person who has posted it first. And when it comes to original photography, im sorry but youre being ignorant, i have no better name for this. And the best part of all this, is when some people dont give PROPER CREDIT!! -.- i mean, photographers work hard to take these amazing photos… and this tumblr thing turns into a reposting game?!? With promos on photos and shit?!?!?! how rude can you get?! If you started to upload DECENTLY, and not REPOST photos, you would be a fantastic blogger. Its not difficult to give the credit to the posts!!! If i was here reposting everyone and mainly original photographers, i would be outta here right this instant, my account would most likely get deleted. I have many friends here that think the same way as i do and i know it. And many of them are uploaders, and some of them even post amazing original photography… If you were RACTIONAL, everyone would most likely see you as a truthful person and blogger. RESPECT, is always needed my friends… and im not only defending myself, im defending all of the people i follow that upload amazing content. You should start following examples of persons that upload decentlly, i dont like to brag about myself, but, pay attention to uploads that are well sourced and credited. Pay attention to that. And STOP reposting content once and for all!