“I want to be a news anchor.”
“Is there any special reason?”
“My father was a journalist; he died in action while doing investigative reporting. That happened in 1997 when I was six years old. That year Hwang Jang-Yop (a famous high-ranking North Korean defector) escaped from North Korea, and his daughter said she would give an interview, so my grandfather went to China. However she suddenly canceled the interview. My father thought that since he already went to China he couldn’t just go back. So, in order to get a more accurate report, he went to the Tumen river which is located adjacent to North Korea’s border; there, his car rolled over.”
“Is it okay if I share this story with other people?”
“It’s okay if people want to appreciate and remember the story, but I don’t want them to feel sorry for me. I grew up loved by my mother and proud of my father.”

“전 앵커가 되고 싶어요.”
“앵커가 되고 싶은 특별한 이유가 있나요?”
“아버지께서 기자이셨는데 취재 도중 순직을 하셨어요. 그게 1997년이었는데 제가 그 때 6살때였죠. 그 해 황장엽씨가 탈북했을 때 그 분의 따님이 인터뷰를 해주시겠다고 해서 아버지가 중국으로 가셨어요. 근데 그 따님이 돌연 인터뷰를 거부하셨어요. 그래서 아버지가 중국까지 가셔서 그냥 돌아오실 수 없다고 생각하셨고, 좀 더 정확한 정보를 알기 위해 북한과의 국경 인근 두만강으로 가셨다가 차가 전복되었다고 들었어요.”
“이 내용을 사람들에게 알려도 괜찮으신가요?” 
“사람들이 알아주시고 기억해주셔도 괜찮은데, 저를 동정하지 않았으면 좋겠어요. 저는 어머니의 사랑 아래 잘 자라 왔고, 아버지가 자랑스럽습니다.”


This time, clever friend, the disaster will be yours.


Jax: Let’s get married. Today.

Tara: Are you serious? I thought you wanted to…

Jax: I don’t want to wait anymore. Whatever happens, Tara, I want you to be my wife. I always have.

Tara: Here, in a brothel, wanted for murder.

Jax: Hey, I’m all about the fairytale, baby.

Tara: So much for romance.

Jax: Hey, I killed a Fed for you. Nothing says endless love like capital murder.

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