Wushu 9/10/14

Full sets are pretty tiring. I did four today, lol. Turns out I can only do one hand form, so I’ll just be doing fanziquan (which is kind of a relief because I haven’t been practicing bajiquan at all). Don’t know if I’m happy or sad about only doing one form… I could possibly learn a chain whip form, but there’s only a month left and I don’t want to risk it :\ Oh well.


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self discovery tied neatly with a bow.

aight aight aight

i spent the whole bus ride home freaking out

b/c i had seen a storm cloud and a rainforrest and 

been to a party full of a few people who i 

L o v e who were all dancing around 2 party jams and *classics* and eating bbq and drinking cocktails like st. germaine with botanical gin

all the shit that really

 _ticklez my fanzy_

and be4 that i had read for a few hours outside of a coffee shop with a glass of

w H i t e w i n e

and walked down to stare at ducks on the river

and kissed a very handsome boy—— and kissed a very handsome boy.

















i freaked out b/c someone said “that’s what getting old is like gulp gulp nudge barf”

so i was like 


I’m grown up and undelightable.

and i grunched up the fucking huge hill.

with the bus stop at the bottom, 

and the house i stayed in at the top.

and i grinched into the kitchen.

where i kept quiet and said something melodramatic like

“ i just don’t know how my day went at all, I can’t stand myself.”

or like

“ my day was fine, ok, just ya know”

and as i monosyllabically chatted i saw a fork on the table which was hiding behind

a glass of water.

and I moved it back and forth——

 as each section behind the glass of water magnified and then shrunk,bent around the curve of the glass in reflection and in it’s own bend as it’s own physical self. 

i stopped answering the questions i had been allowing 2 b asked of me.

n i laughed and showed everyone in the room who said 

“you silly thing, u must b so sleepy. watch the office with us in the living room”

and so i floated thru the prank at the beginning of the television show the office, starring Pam and Dwight n Andy

————————— and then excused myself *distractedly*

to go up to my attic room and proceed

to learn 

from google

that i had just experienced

an optical aberration n i read some blog posts about 


and i went 2 sleep exhausted with the discovery that

im not an undelightable grownup

I’m  grown 



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Greatest Bodybuilding Motivation ~ I AM THE BIG BEAST
Greatest Bodybuilding Motivation ~ I AM THE BIG BEAST bodybuilding quinoa

Wushu 9/5/14

Went back to Berkeley today. Lots of people at practice - freshmen, alumni, visitors from Davis/SD. I got the A team coach to take a look at my new fanzi form and compare it to the old one. He likes the old one better xD Oh well, I’ll try to add some of the old flavor back in.


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