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rubs maddietrolls all up in this askbox.


AHTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN. Looks like someone was hit by the puberty train though ohohoh! Look at those mad art skills and seriously, that fantroll? GO D DAMN IT. Okay, maddie has awesome trolls it’s not just ahteen it’s all of them in general.  

Let me tell you a nice little story. I used to be very intimidated by them because you know, art skills, they were popular and everything and now, I’ve talked to them and had/still have the pleasure of roleplaying with them and they’re super nice! Seriously, 10/10 for maddie for being such a nice person all over and incredibly talented at that.

If you’re in love with those art skills, wait until you see how they write. You’ll literally adore this blog. They’re amazing! I love writing with them and never once I’ve regretted pressing on that follow button and talking to them :) But now, let’s promo some of their other trolls!


Lol, the nervous fish. I love Kirlyq though, don’t mistake my laugh for something else. It’s just that with a tyrian, you’d expect some attitude and what not, but he’s literally the cutest thing ever. I enjoy him a whole lot and his personality is a pleasant surprise. I can’t wait to see him develop!


Miksha is absolutely stunning! I don’t know much about them yet, but from what  I can read on their bio they’re very interesting :)

Seriously, go follow maddietrolls, there’s nothing missing on that blog. Amazing mun, amazing trolls, amazing writing skills and art. That’s the whole package deal right there.


> Be the Little Red.


- - - -

> You’ve been staring out the window for a little while now. Mang Kapre’s just tidying up in the back, and you can hear the rattle of pots and pans in the dead of the shop. It’s almost dawn, and the city streets are all but deserted.

> It’s your first time in the new Little Red’s. It’s a refreshing, clean break from the veteran branches, which are starting to get a bit… homely. It’s a daunting city here, however. It’s ruled by highblood-run businesses, much like the establishment right across the street. Those cold colors could run down the daylights and stain the terracotta tiles at your feet.


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can we get a little love for tammy/dogetrolls? :>

Tammy is a veteran of this community. They’ve been here 5ever and even more. Much respect for dogetrolls to be honest.


MOTHER OF GOD. Have you seen this? I can’t even get to the lowbloods and hemoanons because look at how frickin big this select is. You want to plot something? You do not know who would have a troll to fit? Well then search no more because Tammy got a little bit of everything on her blog. Look at this impressive select!?!?

And now for the lovely trolls in themselves. All the bios are super detailed and everything so it’s obvious that there’s a lot of work behind the trolls.

Here’s a few to make y’all salivate.


ZERELT (art by cortez/ nonchalantpursuer)

Aintze! (art by textbookdoppelganger)


Sztuka ( I think it’s by punktrolls ? Correct me if I’m wrong!)

This person has so much creativity it hurts. Seriously, go follow Tammy, their blog is amazing :)


trust me to get inspiration when I have a cold and gotta sleep but

I need to get a lil more info (that I forgot because I’m a dingo) off his actual human judge before I actually finish the bio anyway

WIP tealblood engineer judge! He’s in charge of looking after the biome controls of the stadium<3