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Lane wore her new Flower Maiden costume to watch Festival of Fantasy today at Disney World. :D

Top Five Potential Eleven!Masters
#1 - Benedict Cumberbatch

I WANT THIS. MOFFAT, GET ON THIS. Anyone who’s seen Sherlock will undoubtably understand why Benedict is number one of my list of potential Masters. Like Matt Smith, he has alien-ish but oddly attractive looks. Like Matt, he can play a character who can be both quietly intense and manic. I honestly believe that his Master would be the perfect foil for Matt’s Doctor in much the same way that John Simm’s Master was a perfect foil for David Tennant’s Doctor.

RE: Little People in SF/F

And not only that, but about that last reblog:

"Star Wars has employed actors that would have never been able to receive jobs because of height.”

Not only is that just…horrible…but I’d like to point out that we already know you don’t have to wear a fur suit to get an acting role in SF/F Genre films as a little person.

[images:Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones; The cast of Time Bandits, Warwick Davis in Willow; Jyoti Amge in American Horror Story; Verne Troyer in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus]

I’m not saying these are all the best roles (the quality of representation leaves a great deal to be desired), but saying it’s Ewoks or nothing is ridiculous.

You can read an interview with Phil Fondacaro, a little person and Hollywood veteran, here.


My fantasy cast for Welcome To Night Vale.

Cecil - Santiago Cabrera. In my head Cecil is Latino, and Santiago has a nice voice.

Carlos - Jensen AtwoodHe has really nice hair. 

The Apache Tracker: White Version - Steven Zahn 
The Apache Tracker: Native American Version - Chaske Spencer

Intern Dana - Jaime Lyn Beatty. Yeah, that’s right. Ginny from A Very Potter Musical. I liker her okay I want to see her do more stuff.

Mayor Pamela Winchell - Retta. Because she’s hilarious.

Big Rico - Jorge Garcia. Because I really just want to cast Jorge Garcia in everything, okay.

Hiram McDaniels - Enver Gjokaj, As all five heads. Because if any actor can handle that, he can.

The Man in the Tan Jacket - Doug Jones. Doug Jones is who you call when you want long, tall, and creepy. Actually I think Doug Jones would wind up playing a lot of parts in this show.

Old Woman Josie - Patricia Belcher. Because.

STEVE CARLSBERG - Mark Sheppard. Because Mark Sheppard should be in everything and because he’s adorable and I like the idea that Steve Carlsberg is actually pretty likable.


THE GLOW CLOUD - Erik Dellums. Erik Dellums is the voice of Koh the Face Stealer. He does a creepy voice verrry well. 


Okay, so: I used to try and cast the series all of the time, and I always got stuck on Fitz and Fool? Tbh, I have no idea who my perfect Fitz is, and I think my perfect Fool would be an unknown actor, so my imagination stops there. So instead, I skipped the two biggest casting decisions, and just did everyone else. There are a couple of people missing, mostly because I ran out of energy. This is the “North” casting - the “South” casting might go up later tonight/tomorrow (it took an hour to put this together and I need to have dinner and such). I think my favourite castings of this set are Verity, Nettle, the Pale Woman and Nighteyes, but that’s probably because I have a strong memory of previous performances for those actors.

Pictures stolen shamelessly from google :S and no, it’s not meant to look pretty, just to be readable. Cast list in text form with links to wikipedia pages is under the readmore…

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DA: How would you describe your own personal style?

RA: Effort-full. People like to dress me up as James Bond, but I’m happiest in jeans and a T-shirt, with dirt on me, doing something manual. Otherwise, everyone looks good in a well-fitted, white button-down shirt and aviators.

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