I have just become a Reed-esque puddle over that entire issue. 


Hold me.

For I am crying over how beautiful Fraction writes the Four. At the rate he’s going he’s going to overtake Hickman for me in favorite FF writers, but right now they’re tied and we’re only three issues into a new run. 

Since he was standing less than 5km away from the guy, Kimbo suspects low voltage (due to the fact it was dead straight and dissipated right after it went through the guy’s body) but high amperage. An approximate 28 to 30 thousand kelvin tends to be measured from a strike and the air surrounding atmosphere. 

In other words hotter than the surface of the sun.

Good job Doom. Holy mother of the gods that’s crazy.

So Kimbo just did math on Ben’s weight in the movie universe. Since he tripped the overweight on the standard service lift, factoring in a 17 person limit and the approximate weight as 85kg he’d be approximately 1.148 metric tonnes. 

My actual Reed Richards, ladies and gentlefolk.