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How would you guys feel if Disney made another Fantasia??

Gabby: Cool? I mean I didn’t really love Fantasia so I wouldn’t really care. All I remember about Fantasia is that I watched it when I was little, so I should probably watch it again.

Jonna: Neither of the Fantasia movies are my favorites, BUT I think that would be cool, would def be excited for it. But I wouldn’t be devastated if it never came out.

Jen: As long as they did something more creative, not just use classical music. Like EDM Fantasia!

Grace: It would be very interesting to see another Fantasia with Disney’s new CGI animation. It would also be neat to see lots of different musical genres explored.

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Rhapsody in Blue, as done by Disney in Fantasia 2000. 

Classic bit o’ Disney animation to accompany a great piece of music.