Daddy's Property
  • <p><b>Daddy:</b> Come here Princess<p/><b>Princess:</b> *skips over to<p/><b></b> Daddy* Yes Daddy?<p/><b>Daddy:</b> Lift your dress for Daddy please<p/><b>Princess:</b> But Daddy *pauses* my Princess parts are under there<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *laughs* I know that silly that's why I want you to lift your dress. So do as Daddy says<p/><b>Princess:</b> But Daddy their my Princess parts<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *grins* come sit on Daddy's lap Princess<p/><b>Princess:</b> OK! *waddles over and sits*<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *Roughly opens Princess's legs*<p/><b>Princess:</b> what are you doing Daddy?<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *slowly moves hand up Princess's leg until he's at her Princess parts<p/><b>Princess:</b> Daddy?!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> * rubs clit a little then unexpectedly inserts 2 fingers*<p/><b>Princess:</b> *gasps*<p/><b>Daddy:</b> This is mine little one! Do you understand?<p/><b>Princess:</b> *Whimpers* yes Daddy<p/><b>Daddy:</b> Every tight little hole on this mine. Understand!? *continues fingering Princess*<p/><b>Princess:</b> *Moans* mhm Daddy!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> What?!<p/><b>Princess:</b> Yes Daddy!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> Good girl. Now go get the cuffs. Daddy's gonna use whats his.<p/></p>

MAJIM FANTASIES #8 (Requested)
“Rehearsals and Kisses”

Rating: T


“What’s wrong?” Jim asked upon hearing Mayim sigh in an unusual manner. “Nothing.” She refused to share. “Nothing? You just *mimics her sigh*” He replied. Mayim looked away for a moment trying to build courage to speak out. “It’s just… I’m quite nervous.” She confessed. Jim had a clue. “It’s fine. You don’t have ti get nervous. Just go with it, I’ll back you up in this.” He cheered her up and smiled at her but still, it didn’t help her take her nervousness away off her chest.

“It’s just… It’s Sheldon and Amy. It’s like… the french kiss of the century. The headline in tv shows and I think I would mess this up and I don’t want that to happen.” She confessed once again. “Why would you say that? You won’t mess this up. You’re a great actor. Come on.” Jim tried to boost her self confidence but he noticed how Mayim is seriously nervous about it and how his cheering up didn’t help her. He held her hand. “Where are we going?” She asked as they walked towards his dressing room. He pulled her in and locked the door. Mayim looked at him and paused for a while wondering what is he planning to do.

“We’re gonna rehearse.” He told her. “Rehearse?” She pardoned. “Uhm. Okay?” She continued. Jim immediately landed a kiss on her lips. They exchanged kisses for a few seconds and she withdrew herself from it. “Woah.” She uttered breathlessly in surprise. “You mean now?” She asked. Jim looked sidewards. “Yes?” He replied. “Oh. Okay… Can we start with our lines first? But if you want to practice the kiss-” She requested while trying not to make it feel awkward for him. “No. It’s alright. You’re right. Let’s start with our lines.” He cuts her in and she nodded.

They proceeded in reading their lines and enhancing their voices and tones.

“Here comes the kiss.” Jim told her few moments after reading his last line. “Okay.” She replied. He initiated to start the kiss and Mayim went with it but she still wasn’t too comfortable about it. Jim withdrew himself from the kiss. “Mayim?” He uttered. She felt nervous. “Did I do something wrong?” She asked nervously. “Open your mouth. Sheldon and Amy are french kissing. Keep it cool.” He told her. “Oh. Yes. Right. Sorry.” She apologized and asked for another one. Jim initiated the kiss again and it began smoothly but he could feel her shaking and it bothers him. Once again, he withdrew from the kiss and Mayim placed her hand on her forehead. “I’m sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Where did I go wrong?” She apologized. “No. It’s fine. But you’re shaking.” He told her. “I am. I am. I’m sorry.” She replied in guilt. He held her hand and stroked his thumb. “Relax. You can do it. I am here to back you up. Come on, Mayim.” He cheered her up. “Take deep breaths.” He told her and she did and it did help her overcome her anxiety.

“So are you ready to rehearse again?” He asked her. “I guess so.” She replied despite that there is a very little trace of nervousness inside her. They began to practice their lines again and say it in front of each other. “And… The kiss.” Jim said. She smiled and nodded signaling him that she is ready. “Okay.” He replied.

He moved his face slowly closer to her and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. She gently kissed him back as they start to exchange gentle kisses with one another for a while. Everything ran smoothly, she was no longer shaking and it made Jim more comfortable. They began transitioning their kiss from gentle kisses to a subtle french kissing. Jim began by licking her slim moist lips with his tongue and gently sucking her lower lip. She went with him and allowed his tongue to explore her mouth and let their tongues meet. Unconsciously, Jim moved closer to her and cupped her jaws without letting go of their kiss. They continued exchanging passionate open mouthed kisses and little did Jim noticed how he is being carried away that his hand slowly went down to her shoulders down to her hips cupping it with his whole palm. Mayim felt so insecure that she allowed Jim to do whatever he likes to do during that very moment and she did nothing than to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him back for every kiss he throws at her. Mayim immediately moved her lips away off him without removing her arms around his neck and looked at towards the door upon hearing someone outside. She looked at the door knob and made sure it was locked. “Mayim.” Jim called her attention. She moved her sight back at him. “Focus.” He told her. “Yeah. I’m sorry.” She apologized and he immediately resumed kissing her again. After a few moments of kissing, Jim began to feel his urges uncontrollable. He moved his hands lower than her hips towards her posterior and pressed her pelvis against his. Mayim withdrew herself from the kiss and looked at him asking for an explanation. “We’re still rehearsing right?” She asked carefully as she felt a stiffness on his groin rubbing against her pelvis pressed against him. “Are we still rehearsing?” He asked her back and she remained unspoken. He felt a bit nervous that she didn’t like where were things going to. “I’m going to count to three. If you don’t kiss me back I will walk out of this room in humiliation with what I did.” He told her. She felt stoned and clueless of how to respond. “One…” He uttered with a cracked voice. She thought about it quickly. She did felt bothered a bit upon feeling his groin pressed against her. “Two…” He uttered and about to lose hope. But the truth is, she did like it somehow as if her body is on fire ready to get dominated by him that very moment. “Three.” He uttered and completely lost hope. He took a deep breath and moved a bit distant away from her. “I’m sorry…” He apologized. “I’ll get going.” He told her and walked towards the door as Mayim silently watched him walk away in humiliation. “You can do whatever you want with me.” She said before he was able to twist the door knob. He paused for a while letting it sink to him. He turned and looked at her. “At least for this night.” She continued speaking softly. As it sank to him, he knew she was approving that he takes over her for that moment and he cannot deny to himself that he is badly longing for her as well that very moment. She stood still and waited for his response. He eagerly walked towards her and grabbed her as he landed a hungry kiss against her lips. She gladly kissed him back and resumed their french kissing from Amy and Sheldon to themselves. He pinned her against the wall as he showered her with his kisses hungry for her as his hand explored her skirt and what’s beneath. He saw her as a fragile submissive one and so he touched her painstakingly and carefully fearing of displeasing her. He gently rubbed her groin at the top of her garment inevitably feeling her wetness across his fingers. He continued kissing her as he could feel her moan softly in the midst of their kisses. After a while he placed a small distance between their lips allowing her to breathe. “May I?” He asked for her permission softly. She was clueless of what he was talking about and she was intoxicated with the pleasure his fingers brought to her. “Whatever you want.” She replied. He smiled at her and placed a kiss on her lips. He moved his hand to the garter of her garment and slowly pulled it down to her ankles. She remained observant allowing him to dominate her. He kneeled in front of her and slightly lifter her right leg allowing him a subtle entry towards her. He felt extremely titillated upon seeing her soft skin and tidy waxed pelvis. He found her so tidy and fresh. He placed a subtle lick on her and it tickled her sensitive wetness. She tasted so sweet and he found it refreshing as a water. He continued rubbing his tongue against her and gently sucked her wetness. She wasn’t ready for the intense pleasure he caused her. She pinned her hand against the wall and covered her mouth with her other hand stopping herself from moaning so loud. Despite her mouth covered with her hand, it was inevitable for her not to produce moaning sounds and it largely pleased Jim. “Jim. Jim…” She softly called his attention but he continued his business. “Mmm… That’s enough. Mmm.” She requested for she is clueless if she could still hold her moaning if he continued. He stood up and kissed her. “Did you like it?” He asked and smiled at her. “So much, I don’t think I could still handle it.” She replied impeccably. He felt pleased with her reply. He kissed her again and grabbed her through her hips leading her down to the couch. He gently guided her to lie down the couch. He continued kissing her lips and her neck until they were both unable to hold back themselves. “Do you trust me?” He asked her. She didn’t utter any word and just nodded. He removed her sandals off and unbuckled his belt. As he finished his business, he looked at her once again and seek for a signal for permission. She smiled at him. He smiled back at her and slowly stroked her legs upwards and lifted her skirt. He leaned towards her and aimed his hardness towards her. She felt a bit nervous for she has been celibate for quite some time and she was clueless of how it would go. Jim felt her nervousness and he didn’t want to make her feel that way and so he had his kiss and penetration inside her happen simultaneously to distract her from any possible pain he might cause her. He felt her nervousness and so he waited for a few seconds before he began thrusting. He timed his thrusting and kissing simultaneously to lessen the painful tingling he could possibly cause her. She was warm, she was so wet and tact that he felt extreme pleasure upon entering her. Despite that her hardness and length caused her so much pleasure, she was unable to avoid the pain caused by the thrusting he did that she had had to hold her moans and had her nails buried at his back for every thrust she takes from him.

“Sssh.” Jim whispers to her as he kissed her for every time she moans. He kissed her for every after word spoken. “Are you fertile?” He asked her. “No. I’m not.” She replied. After a few moments….

“Jim. Jim. Jim.” She soflty uttered on repeat. He looked at her without stopping the thrusting. “Im coming. Im coming. Mmmm….” She told him in the midst of her moaning. He knew it was safe to come inside her and so he continued thrusting. She grabbed him and wrapped her hands around him tightly as her chin lays on his shoulder blade. She pressed herself against him tightly as they came together and he came inside her. They paused for a while as they catch their breaths. He moved a bit and looked at her. They gazed at each other appreciating each others’ presence at that moment. “You’re so beautiful.” He complimented and placed a kiss on her lips. She smiled at him speechless of everything. It’s been a long time since she had such pleasure and she doesn’t regret anything especially that it is Jim that got down on her. He was careful and he was gentle. “Oh.” He uttered. He stroked her legs as he placed back her garment back on her. “You’re really beautiful. At any aspect.” He told her. “You really know the right words to say, don’t you?” She joked. “Of course not. It’s true.” He retorted and attempted to kiss her again but she dodged seductively. “Let’s save the kisses for Sheldon and Amy.” She teased him. He felt thrilled. “I couldn’t wait for it.” He replied. He laid his back at the couch just right beside her and had his arm around her as they rested for a while calming down themselves longing so hard for each other.