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  • Hutchcraft:In the world of pop music today most of the colleagues tell a lot too much about themselves.
  • Anderson:Who cares what we ate for breakfast, when we go to the toilet or when I talk to my mum on the phone?
  • Hutchcraft:If I’m looking for a band, then for their music, and possibly also for the videos, but I don’t want to know even more. In a way steal a lot of information also the belief in a band.
Merry Christmas everyone!

This is a little OneShot I wrote as a present for all of you wonderful Hurtsbitches and Hurtsladies out there! I love you all and I wish you a wonderful Christmas, a lovely time with the people you spend it and of course some awesome presents ;)!

(Sorry for any mistakes, it’s not betaed)


Once upon a time there was a little boy called Adam. He was seven years old and lived in Manchester together with his family. It was almost Christmas and outside their house was everything white because of the snow. Little Adam begged his mother to let him out so he could play in the snow. And after a little begging and pleading he was allowed to go out if he would not go too far. So little Adam put on his boots, his red scarf, a warm coat and a woollen hat over his always very messy hair. The last thing he got were his gloves over his hands before he ran out into the snow-white Manchester. He hummed quietly the melody of ‘Rudolph the red nose reindeer’ while he walked to the playground near his house. Arriving there he saw many other kids playing in the snow with their friends or being there with their parents. He looked around for a moment, before he found a quiet area where he was more alone. When he got there he started forming a snowball with his tiny little hands, making it bigger and bigger. So big, that he could not make it round any more when he hold it in his hands so he put it on the ground. Then little Adam started rolling it over the snowy ground, letting the snowball grow bigger and bigger. So big, that he was almost not able to move it any more and it was also almost so huge it reached his hip. Little Adam rolled the ball to a lovely place and used the snow around it to stabilise it. He looked proud at his till then done work when he heard something.

"No! Don’t! That’s mine! Give it back!" called a desperate voice and little Adam, curious what was happening, followed the voice. When he walked around a little snowy bush he saw three boys, maybe his age, standing around a smaller boy who looked one or two years younger. One of the older boys had a comb in his hand and the little boy was trying to get it.

"Give it back! It’s not yours! It’s mine!" the little boy said and sniffed, clearly almost crying. Little Adam could not watch this, it was not fair that those older boys got something that was not theirs!

"Hey you! Give it back to him!" he said with a strong voice and stepped closer to the group. The three older boys turned around to him.

"What do you want?” one of the boys asked him, not quite happy about the interruption. The little boy in the middle looked at him hopefully, already little tears in his eyes.

"Give him his comb back and let him alone! He didn’t do something to you!" little Adam said and the boy with the comb laughed.

"Okay! Sure! Here you HAVE IT!” he shouted the last words and threw the comb into the bushes. They laughed and ran away while the little boy looked after his comb with a heart-breaking look. He tried not to cry but there were clearly little tears running over his red cheeks. Little Adam looked at the little boy and then at the bushes before he made a decision. He took off his hat and just gave it to the little boy.

"Take care of that!" he said with a serious voice before he got into the bushes. He fought with the branches, they made it difficult to move but he eventually managed to get through it. He searched for the comb, looking everywhere he could when he suddenly found it in one of the bushes. He reached for it, but when he almost had it, he lost his balance and fell forward into the bush. Grabbing the comb tight he tried to absorb his fall a little with his free hand. He really managed to not fall too hard and he was not hurt after all. So he crawled out of the bush again, the comb still in his hand, getting as fast back to the little boy as possible. The little boy was still standing where he left him, little Adams woollen hat still in his hands and still some tears running down his face. But as soon as he saw little Adam with his comb the tears were forgotten and a bright smile lightened his face.

"Thank you!" the little boy exclaimed happily and hugged little Adam close. Little Adam was confused for a short moment before he blushed, not knowing what he was supposed to do. But before he could decide it, the little boy let go of him and wiped away his tears.

"Thank you so much! I’m Theo by the way!" little Theo said and smiled at him. Little Adam looked at him still slightly irritated but then he also smiled and gave little Theo the comb back.

"I’m Adam." little Adam introduced himself then and little Theo nodded, putting his comb away into his left pocket. Suddenly little Adam remembered something. He still had that huge snowball standing around the corner!

"Hey Theo. Do you…maybe want to build a snowman with me?" little Adam asked shyly. He was not that good with other kids normally, they said he was too quiet most of the time. But he could not help it, he just said something when he knew what he wanted to say. But maybe Theo would keep him company a bit nonetheless.

"A snowman? Cool! Sure I wanna build one with you!" little Theo said grinning and with a small smile little Adam showed him where he already had the beginning of his snowman. They made the rest of the snowman together then, rolling snowballs around to create fitting pieces to the already standing one, talking all the time. Or better say, little Theo talked most of the time and little Adam listened to him. He was glad little Theo seemed to enjoy talking to him and telling him about him. He told him for example that he was here in Manchester because they were with his grandparents over Christmas. And also that his Mum was pregnant with his little brother Jak and that he was totally excited about that. Furthermore little Theo told him he wanted to be an astronaut or a musician if he was old enough. To this topic little Adam even told him something about himself. He wanted to be a footballer when he grew up and play for Manchester United. But he also liked music a lot, learning from his father to play a little on the guitar.

"You know what?" little Theo asked, when he heard what little Adam wanted to be.

"Let’s promise something to each other!" little Theo said and little Adam looked at him in a mixture of confusion and curiosity.

"Promise….what?" little Adam asked and crooked his neck, blinking irritated while little Theo smiled brightly at him.

"Let’s promise we meet again! And if you hadn’t become a footballer till then and I hadn’t become an astronaut, then we’ll make a band together, yes?" little Theo said, holding up his little finger to promise it. Little Adam looked at little Theos finger for a moment, totally overwhelmed. Nobody in his whole life was ever so nice to him before and wanted to promise him such things. It made his little heart jump and with a big smile he hooked his own little finger with the one of little Theo.

"I promise that we meet again! And that I’ll start a band with you if I hadn’t become a footballer." little Adam said and little Theo nodded smiling.

"I promise that we meet again! And that I’ll start a band with you if I hadn’t become an astronaut." little Theo promised then, deadly serious, before he grinned brightly. Then little Theo loosened their hooked fingers and little Adam watched him getting something out of his pocket. When little Theo got what he wanted he handed over his comb to him. Little Adam stared at the comb in complete confusion, recognising the letters ‘Theo’ written on it.

"But…but…That’s your comb!" he said in an weak attempt but little Theo shook his head.

"I give it to you! I only allow you to give it back to me when we meet again, okay?"

"Okay." little Adam said, putting the comb carefully away so he would not lose it. He would take care of it till little Theo and he meet again.

"You know what Adam? Our great snowman remembers me of a joke! There are two snowmen standing in a field. Says the one to the other: Can you smell carrots?" little Theo told and little Adam laughed out loud at this.

~~~~several years later~~~~

Adam went outside of the club, already tottering because he had a bit too much alcohol this night. It was cold outside and it had snowed yesterday so he wrapped his scarf tighter around his neck. While he rubbed his palms against each other he looked around, recognising his friends. They had a fight with some other guys obviously, so he got closer to see what exactly was going on. When he was near enough he recognised another guy standing there, not fighting. It was the boy he had seen earlier, the one with the bright blue leather jacked. He was clearly as drunk as Adam himself but he seemed more able to talk with him then anyone of his friends. So he just stepped closer to the boy, too drunk to care about his friends. It was their own fault they got into a fight.

"Hey." he simply greeted and the boy in the blue leather jacked looked at him. He cracked up a smile.

"Hey. Are that your friends?" the boy asked and Adam nodded slightly.

"Don’t you wanna help them?" he was asked and Adam shook his head.

"Naah…I don’t wanna fight. They can do that without me."

"Goes for me, too. What’s your name?"

"I’m Adam."

"Hey Adam. I’m Theo."

"Hi Theo." Adam greeted and there was a little tingle in the back of his head. Like he should remember something. But he was too drunk to do so.

"Hey Adam. Wanna hear a joke?" Theo suddenly asked and Adam leaned against the wall behind him, nodding.


"Two snowmen are standing in a field. Says the one to the other: Can you smell carrots?" Theo told him and laughed, Adam joining shortly after. He did not hear this joke for ages! Suddenly he remembered something. He stopped laughing immediately. His hand wandered into his pocket and he took out the comb. The comb he carried with him ever since he got it. Ever since he made the promise. Adam looked down on the comb, before he looked up at Theo. He smiled at the childhood memory.

"Hey Theo. Wanna start a band?" he asked then and hold out the comb to him. Theo stared at the comb for a moment, his eyes widening when he remembered his promise. He looked up at Adam again, suddenly grinning.


And they lived happily ever after…