((Design sketch of a Talon skin, Outlander Talon; based on an apocalyptic type theme, with hints of a tribal theme. It’s still in the design stage so colors and stuff may change if I go back to it, but this is what I have so far. =w= Perhaps this would be him after the Void ravages Runeterra, and very little people are left alive? Who knows :’D

Also uploaded the design sketch with my little notes that I make when doing these))


((Cyborg Talon ref sheet

You guys really like him a lot more than I had originally planned so I guess I need to do more stuff with him, yea? Originally based around the Metal Gear Rising universe. You can ask him questions too if you want, need to establish his background lore and stuff anyway))


(( Will last for 5 days to a week.
Approaching Lulu will be dangerous, her actions will be sporadic. She won’t quite recognize many, although she can be reminded of who you are. (if you are dear to her: Veigar, Thresh, Morde, etc)

It’s especially dangerous to approach her at night, even if you are one of the above. rather than trying to stuff you into a suit… She will try to eat you. She will chase you down and try to devour you. The best advice is to hide in a room, doors and windows locked and closed.

B) lets do this ))


//I did a fan skin for Anivia, I know it’s a little bit late, but it was just a few weeks ago that I realised how I would do the splash (I wished it to be a digital painting, but my lazyness would drag this through ages).

//Writing not in English, I know (it is in Portuguese). I was going to post this on the Brazillian server’s forum, but I translate for you :)

"Name: Haunted Anivia

Skin with 3D model and animations based on BlackFrost Anivia.

(Right wing / below vision)

Passive: Besides of an egg hatching in the middle of the ice, a little statue is getting free of of the branches interlaced on it, which makes it break in the process.  (whole / broken)

Q: Same as BlackFrost Anivia’s, but with the color of Classic Anivia’s Q.

W: Besides of growing/melting ice from the ground, it would be tombstones.

E: Would be a broken branch.

R: A fog storm (?) but, besides of ice shards falling from the sky (as BlackFrost Anivia does), it’d fall orange leaves, representing the Fall.

(it looks more like a chicken, but it’s just a fail of proportions)”