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appart from the occasional fanservice in 2011 with twitter convos and so on everything they have done since march 2012 hasn't been done for show even during uan all their interactions were subtle in the background nothing flashy the body language is insane and the manner it was shot down goes against the very concept of queerbaiting i think if we want to look for fanservice we should look at the other boys interactions during tmh that was playing gay for fun

Agree with all this. I think pre-2012 they were passing it off as fan service, things got too obvious in spring 2012 with incident after incident that couldn’t be passed off as fan service, and then in June 2012 they tried to cover it up with fan service by the other boys. I will never forget how Louis initially reacted to that.

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I came into the fandom late summer 2012, and the atmosphere that quickly developed was one of fear. They literally bullied people into shutting up about harry and louis. They made larry a four letter word. I cringed whenever twitter would blow up something larry, bc there seem to be a swift backlash. These trends and articles, the buzz that's starting around them again were just about completely stamped out. That's why I'm always stunned when I see people brushing off these recent developments.

Yes. Everything you just said.

Which ship is more “fanservice?”

The extremely-forced straight pairing that kissed after 4 episodes of knowing each other and after that had minimal quality romantic interaction?

Or the queer pairing that held hands after 26 episodes (and over 3 years) of steady friendship?

(( So I met an England at the con - I could write the whole story behind all this, but that might be too long (though magical story it is indeed.) 

Our camera man wanted fanservice, we did fanservice - *cough* all over the con *cough*. The England and I were bitching and bashing each other in-character every time we were in the same room. 
I miss it so much already.

Link for England here. ))