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why would kurt or nirvana want to advertise that poster of the nirvana girl which is basically a possibility to influence drugs? Kurt said he didn't want his fans to try drugs.

The guys in Nirvana smoked pot. They support it. They don’t care if their fans smoke pot or not. Kurt didn’t want to influence his fans on his past heavy drug abuse, such as heroin, but I mean, it’s no secret that Kurt was an addict. Kurt related with the book and made it into a poster for one show back before their success, nobody saw the poster back in the day. It’s not like the poster was advertised on MTV across the world, it was shown in one city for one night.

“She (high school girl named Joyce) traded her body for drugs (first starting with marijuana and later becoming addicted to more heavy substance) and kicks (a wild ride)”  - the story is about a young girl who loves Jazz and is desperate for thrills to the point of doing anything. She reaches the state of mind: Nirvana. It’s an okay read honestly, and definitely isn’t promoting positivity with drugs, quite the opposite. The original title for the poster (actually a book) is “Marijuana Girl” written by Robert Bragg. To put it shortly, Joyce is young and ignorant, tries marijuana and becomes a junkie later on and sells her body for more drugs.