So I found Fanpro not too long ago, decided to give it a look.

0005 seems like she’d make a great bruiser, even better if she gets to be a cute bruiser pirate (●O∇O●) I mean look at the hands in the original picture. Those are the hands of a warrior.

I just really want 0005 bruisers

(tumblr resizing is a bitch i would recommend viewing the image in a new tab)

shintarogotlostonatrain said:

I'd like to have... 3 pages of artworks in the book, featuring 0000, 0013, 0023, 0005, 0003 and maybe other characters I haven't thought of.
Also, we can fit few artworks on a page right?

Yes, you definitely can! You can leave it to me to organize the pages or you can do it yourself. You’ve been added to the list either way c: Remember it is black & white, but if we do the full colour book on June 20th then you can add the same pictures to both books.

It was pretty quiet in the flat today. Perhaps too quiet. It’s been two hours since 5 “went out”, but she hasn’t returned. Meanwhile, 21 still couldn’t shake off the feeling of something very wrong. She and 12 hasn’t gone outside yet. They were still unaware…

"Gee… It’s almost noon… Do you think we should look for 5 now?" 21 turned to 10, seated comfortably on the bean bag chair while reading a small book.

"I told you, she’s fine. She’s probably outside 12 and 34’s house egging their windows again," 10 assured the young girl beside her.

"R-Right… S-She’s fine…"

"What’s gotten into you, 21?" 10 asked.

"Nothing… It’s just that… I feel like something’s off—"

The sudden banging from the front door broke their conversation. 21 jumped slightly at the sound. Seems like it increased her anxiety even more. 10 stood up to answer the door and 21 followed behind her.

They opened the door and 5 stumbled inside, and leaned on the door. The two got startled and backed away a few steps. 5 was bleeding? No, she wasn’t. But…



10 and 21 backed away a few more. They got scared. Just what in the world is happening?


"5…. Are you… What the fuck happened? 10 yelled, her voice trembling.

"…Run… before you get… ack—!!" 5 clutched her chest and collapsed, unconscious. 5’s hair began to slowly turn into a greenish color.

10 and 21 decided it was best if they did what 5 said. RUN.