Spirit Nests 

California-based artist Jayson Fann designs and creates nests for humans, where one can experience what it feels like to sleep like a bird. Made from tree branches harvested from local forests, the Spirit Nests are available for purchase from Big Sur Spirit Garden, an international arts and culture center in the Big Sur valley, California. Or, you could head to the only nest that’s open to public at the Treebones Resort, on the Big Sur Coast.

Before you start dreaming of spending a night in a nest, you must know that these structures don’t exactly provide the best of comfort. They aren’t water proof and have no other amenities except maybe a mattress or two. If it starts to rain, the best you can do is pitch a tent inside the nest. But if you are prone to roughing it out in nature, then this is one experience you don’t want to miss. The nests at Treebones can accommodate up to 8 people and are made from the branches of eucalyptus trees. The ones that Jayson sells to individuals can be as small as a love-seat or large enough for 30 people.


Morning Tents by Oleg Grigoryev

This playful collection of photographs features one man’s view from the inside of a tent. Simply called Morning Views From the Tent, the inspirational travel series was created by photographer Oleg Grigoryev. Each image offers a unique glimpse of the Tajikistan landscape from the eyes of an adventurer traveling through the Fann Mountains.


Here are approximately +400 gifs of the gorgeous and flawlessly Elle Fanning. Including gifs of her in the new role of Aurora in Maleficent Movie. None of these gifs are mine and all credit goes to their rightful owners.

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Tent tourist

A happy camper has shown he has the world at his feet by capturing a series of breath-taking mountain views from his tent. Russian Photographer Oleg Grigoriev, 35, travels with little more than a tent and his camera taking snaps of the mountainous terrain of central Asia and Eastern parts of Europe.

The adventurous lawyer, who lives in Ukraine, started camping in remote mountainous areas in 2007 but only came up with the concept of photographing views from his tent after a memorable trip to the Fann Mountains of Tajikistan. (Caters News)

Photography by Oleg Grigoriev

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