Just showcasing more of my nerdiness. I added a pic of my other shelf with my non transformers collectibles. And then I wanted to show off Superion catching puny Starscream. Lastly, I saw someone fan-mode leader class Megatron into a gun like he used to be, so I thought I’d give it a go! And I’m surprised that it doesn’t actually look too far off XD


MaroonV, with V angels Candice and Behati.. Forgive me for flooding.. 😁😁 #fanmode #maroonvconcert #maroon5

I have a picture of you in my mind Ronan!!!!! Gaaahd! You are still amazing and i love you so much back when i was still in grade school until now! It was an impossible dream back then to see you/boyzone live.. But tonight.. Naniniwala nako na dreams to come true! Thanks for tonight! You guys are awesome! ^_^ #VSCOcam #ronankeating #boyzone #live #araneta #fanMode #fangirlingLol

There’s no exact words to explain what love is, because love is selfless and it makes us the person who we thought we would never be. It is beyond imaginable. Indeed, the magic of love.💕😍❤

This deserves a slot in my page. May Forever nga, kaya maniwala lang tayo. There will be that someone, somewhere who is willing to do the same as Xander😉 and who will love you, unconditionally.. Kudos to #TeamForevermore for killing us softly.😁 For really, “what if’s” are very common to us right now, you guys deserves a slow clap for making a teleserye that is really close to reality, where everyone can really relate, where everyone will also feel like “ganyan nga..” Hehe. But tsk, i am back to my toxic routine, nothing to watch out for everynight. Wala mang #Forevermore every weeknights, now we know meron ngang #Forever haha! Congrats Direk @kaybash1326 @lizasoberano @enriquegil17 @msdinacastro and to all esp sa writers, grabe lang.. Haha! Just amazing! 👏👏👏🎉🎊😉😊 #fanmode #MayForever #ForevermoreFinale #TheLegendaryFinale

Thanks @dougkramer44 for giving me this. Hope you enjoyed the Banana Choco Cupcake pare 😆. My mom was so happy to see you there at the Philippine Consulate-Dubai.God bless! #fanmode

Blau und Weiß wie lieb ich dich 💙
Blau und Weiß ein Leben lang 💙

Schalke is love (•ө•)♡

((In Schalker mode)) ((random fanmode)) ((photo credit to @s04))

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