“so with this ring, may you always know one thing. the little that i have to give, i will give it all to you. you’re my one true love”

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Her mind took the memory of mint and spun it into a related memory of him, one that Gansey didn’t have yet: the first time she had ever seen him. Not at Nino’s when he asked her out on Adam’s behalf. But that night in the churchyard when all of the spirits of the future dead walked past. One year—that was the longest that any of those spirits had. They would all be dead before the next St. Mark’s Eve. She had seen her first spirit: a boy in an Aglionby sweater, the shoulders of it spattered darkly with rain. “What’s your name?” “Gansey.” She couldn’t make it untrue.

SIGN OF YOUR LOVE a blue sargent/richard gansey iii fanmix

i. sign of your love THE VEILS | ii. i just do THE FEELING | iii. borrowed time A FINE FRENZY | iv. this fire FRANZ FERDINAND | v. together THE XX | vi. heaven sent MR LITTLE JEANS | vii. eavesdrop THE CIVIL WARS | viii.  the lovers are losing KEANE | ix. tomorrow (demo) DAUGHTER | x. the price we pay A DAY TO REMEMBER |  xi. death’s song CITY AND COLOUR

[ l i s t e n ]

to the loved one that we've lost along the way // a luke fanmix [listen]

victoria falls (shed sessions) - anadel » my secret friend (feat. imogen heap) - iamx » breathe in - amarante » there’s hope yet - raised by swans » if only we remain - two wounded birds » i’ll protect you - jacobsparrow » pyramid song - radiohead » salt of the earth - lovedrug » before the storm - normand corbeil » the sea is calm - cocorosie » the water - hurts » in the water - anadel

Do Anything and I’ll Love you! - 10 silly and comedic songs about Gray Fullbuster and the woman who stalks loves him.


[I Can Hear the Bells Nikki Blonsky]-[I Wanna Have Your Babies Natasha Bedingfield]-[Creeps Me Out Ima Robot]-[Boom Boom Boom Boom Venga Boys]-[We Are In Love The Looney Tunes Show]-[I Do I Do I Do Creamy]-[Somebody’s Watching Me Rockwell]-[Mister Wonderful Smile.Dk]-[I Wanna Marry My Stalker Goldfinger]-[I’m Gonna Getcha Good Shania Twain]

rip flawless queen;

a fanmix for the girl who deserved to live a happy life without worries or -a, without pain and murder, she deserved to work things out with mike and get married, have a great couple years of college, make things right with the girls, and she was so close to having everything she ever wanted, she could finally be happy, but now she’s gone ((listen))


cool kids- echosmith

everybody loves me- onerepublic

bubblegum bitch- marina & the diamonds

gods and monsters- lana del rey

bitch- plastiscences

power & control- marina & the diamonds

she’s a genius- JET

burning desire- lana del rey

a little taste- skyler stonestreet

blood on my hands- danielle parente

this little girl- cary groves

just one yesterday- fall out boy

dark side- kelly clarkson

demons- imagine dragons

bad blood- bastille

let it go- the neighborhood

bones- ms mr

who are you, really?- milky ekko

somebody that i used to know- goyte

afraid- the neighborhood

afire love- ed sheeran

poison & wine- the civil wars

skinny love- birdy

truce- twenty one pilots

the scientist- coldplay

warrior- foxes

all i want is you - a noah x mara fanmix [listen]

i. afraid - the neighbourhood | ii. seven devils - florence and the machine | iii. all of me - john legend | iv. dark in my imagination - of verona | v. fire breather - laurel | vi. give me love - ed sheeran | vii. kiss the devil - bel heir | viii. bloodsport - raleigh ritchie | ix. requiem for blue jeans - bastille | x. bloodstream - stateless

darkness falling ( listen here ) — Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift. And no matter what you do, you’re just never enough. 

"Just because something is over doesn’t mean it wasn’t incredibly beautiful. ‘Cause another lesson I’ve leaned is not all stories have a happy ending, and you have to learn how to deal with that."

Change - Banks // Still - Daughter // Brain - Banks // Honest - The Neighbourhood // In The Of Fire - Dynamic Duo // Eyes Nose Lips - Eric Nam // All Too Well - Taylor Swift // Talk - Kodaline // All I Want - Ellie Goulding // Sad Beautiful Tragic - Taylor Swift 

a fairly angsty fanmix dedicated to the arrow siblings

i was bored so i decided to make a fanmix enjoy i guess lmao (click the pic to listen btw)


1. Magic Arrow - Timber Timbre // 2. Siamese Twins By Choice - Eating Snow // 3. Levater - Yael Naïm // 4. Family Portrait - Pink // 5.When I’m Gone - Eminem // 6. Come Home - One Republic // 7. The Crow On The Cradle - Mary Black // 8. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People // 9. Lullaby - Nickelback // 10. Day Is Gone - Noah Gunderson //