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I love you.

I love you too! You’re so awesome! I was showing the husband pics and post about Jack and he asked how long I’ve known you. I realized then I was only 17 when I started working at “The Crow”. That’s a long time :D

By the way, the husband thinks you should start a book about Jack. That boy has some good material. He is beyond hilarious! just like his mama :D

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From what I remember, I was horribly depressed for about 3 or 4 months. And then I wasn’t. It helps when you start working or schooling and you become part of the community. Or you could have your own kid. Or one of mine.

You know I was perfectly ok up until I got back from LA. I shouldn’t have visited because before that I was just fine. Now that I’m back I just want to sleep to make the time go by faster. Tomorrow is a new day and I’m going to snap out of it. I’m driving to Oklahoma to drown my sorrows in some alcohol and gambling. Closest thing to Vegas out here LOL!!!

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Free write. Just get a paper and a pen and just write whatever crap comes out. A grocery list, what you’re wearing, anything. I got to go to a Kurt Vonnegut, Jr lecture thing once and that’s what he said. That the story will write itself.

fjkd;aflksad YOU WENT TO A KURT VONNEGUT LECTURE? I am so jealous that’s so damn cool.

I will do just that. I’ve actually never done that before.

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There’s a free kindle app for your phone. Do not delay.

Yeah I have the app now but I don’t like reading books on my phone. It bothers me that it’s small (weird I know). In fact I don’t even like reading books on the actual Kindle. I like having the actual book but since I’ve been prohibited from purchasing anymore books I’ll just need to purchase the Kindle.