Hey Hetalia Fandom,

I think you all (as in the actual haters) should stop with the harassing now. I believe she has learned her lesson. She is apologizing to all those who reply to her. For her first post and her defensive post. A lot of the replies you give her are FUCK YOU or something so negative and yet she replies and continues to apologize. There may be holes in her judgment or contradictions according to some others but it was a stupid mistake and she’s trying to do something about it. Shes /apologizing/ to you, to other fans, and the fandom. People make mistakes, sometimes it just comes out without you realizing. Raise your hand if you truly believe that you never made a stupid mistake before.

Shes different just like everybody else in the world. Her humor is different, her life is different, etc, etc. Someone may get offended with something and someone else will not get offended on the same topic. It’s like me going to a museum and scratching my head over abstract art. I don’t understand it nor does my brother. But there can be a man next to us talking to his friend on the symbolism about the abstract art and loving it.

And honestly, she is being polite back to those are just cursing at her. She isn’t one of those fans who would continue to deny what she had done, thinking that she is right; that you all are wrong with her opinion only mattering. She deserves some respect right there. On the other hand, those who continue to curse at her or say horrible things, do not have any respect. That’s bullying and when was bullying okay by anyone’s standards? She made a mistake, the bullies on the other hand are trashing her on purpose.

People write fanfictions of rape, draw fancomics of rape on purpose and to some for amusement. So what is the difference between her words that she wrote by accident then people who actually write or draw it? It is in every fandom, especially so in this one. Honestly, I’m not so surprised that she said what she said. There are other fans who commented like that before and yet no one was offended by it. There are plenty of fans who /enjoy/ it. It all started mostly because she commented on one of the rare serious episodes. So why aren’t other artists or writers getting death threats, why aren’t they getting kicked out of the fandom because rape is a horrible topic that no one should make fun of? Rape is a horrible subject that no one can really understand but its so overused in society nowadays. Sometimes I wonder if we can do anything about that.

Stop bullying her!!!! (fangirlsanctuary)

Really people this is getting out of hand! fangirlsanctuary said she was sorry! I understand how VERY serious rape is, and I’m sure especially NOW fangirlsanctuary knows it is. I don’t know her in any way. But I can tell she is feeling pretty sorry! Anyone would. Also I don’t people see going off of one another on Youtube when they say that about France!!!! I’ll admit when I saw the picture of France and then fangirlsanctuary comment I was upset, and I thought is spoiled the point of the picture…BUT I moved on! She gets that it was wrong, so that should be enough haters just move on!

ALSO were forgetting something! Don’t you think Hetalia wants to make world peace? Also shouldn’t we as fans of Hetalia, OR JUST AS PEOPLE TRY TO GET ALONG!?

So haters….

She’s sorry!

Can we make more awesome hetalia stuff now? AND get along.

So fangirlsanctuary is getting bullied by some Hetalia fans for something she obviously regrets. Even though I don’t have many followers, reblog, go send this girl some love, no matter what fandom you’re in ^^

Leave that person alone! I have never seen such disgusting hate before. She made one mistake and has apologized several times.

The messages they’re getting are awful and they need to stop. Now.

Bullying Makes Me Sick and Tired

I normally don’t say serious stuff, but i need to now.

Bullying makes me sick and tired.

I just finished reading all the stuff that was posted onto the page of Fangirlsanctuary. I can’t believe that people are terrible enough to wish death onto people and willing to serve it. It’s troublesome enough that names are being thrown, but really? You know, we work so hard on “bullying” yet by the end of the day, there are so many people out there who don’t give a shit.

You may not think that that you are “bullying” her, and that you are standing up for your fandom, but think about all that’s been said. Put yourself in her shoes, typing in that one silly message that you weren’t even THINKING of, and then all of those people coming at you, wishing you death, “hating” you, and just being terrible. Think about those words your saying cutting at a persons heart, tearing them up inside and making them feel miserable. All of this because of the ONE comment she now regrets. The only words that were needed to be said towards her was maybe a couple of “Hey, i really disagree with you, and you NEED to know that rape is something serious and not to be joked around about.” If that’s all that was said, i am sure, no POSITIVE, that she would really take that to heart.

And the “death” thing really annoys me too. Do they even know what they are saying?!?!?! They are saying that they don’t even think she is worth it to live in this world anymore. To not be here in this physical world, AT ALL, except for her empty corpse. No friends around her to cherish, nothing for her to be happy with, none of the ups and downs of life, that she doesn’t even deserve this, all for what? A silly little post that she said she was sorry for? One that she wishes she could take back, but isn’t erasing it, because she knows doing that would be being a coward.

I really can’t stand people anymore. They make me SO sick of everything. I’m disgusted by the way we treat others. Sometimes i want to laugh like a crazy person because of all the insanity we have floating around.

Sigh~ im done with my rant…… Ima eat ice cream now….. im soo pissed…..