How to be like: Dan Howell (AKA danisnotonfire)

Step 1: Think of all the failure you’ve done since birth.

Step 2: Have existensial crisis every week. (Have existensial crisis when with someone is recommended.)

Step 3: Only have a friend to be with forever. Only one, don’t have more.

Step 4: Be hot.

Step 5: Just kidding, there’s no way to be like Dan freaking Howell.

every fangirl problems:
  • concert tickets are too expensive
  • band member is too attractive
  • you’re too ugly for them
  • you cant meet them even if they’re in your city 
  •  you cant suck their dicks bc youre underage and too ugly
  • you cant fuck them bc youre underage and too ugly
  • their merch is too expensive
  • feelings
  • your mum wont take you to the airport
  • waiting for their next album
  • when they tweet something and you hyperventilate
  • when they post a selfie and you hyperventilate
  • when you see a photo of them you hyperventilate
  • not being able to fangirl in public without looking like a freak
  • trying not to scream out the lyrics when you listen to their songs in public
  • constantly thinking about them
  • you smile randomly whenever you think about them and people think youre weird
  • dropping your phone everytime you see a hot photo of them
  • their groupies
  • the feels
  • not being able to talk about them to your friends
  • your famiy/friends getting pissed off at you whenever you mention their names
  • your grades drop 
  • theyre out of your limit *pun intended*
  • dying multiple times a day
  • not being able to afford proper posters so you have to use those shitty tiny posters from magazines
  • having too many photos of them so you have to delete most of your apps on your phone
  • school. all you want to do is fangirl and blog some shit but theres fucking school
  • crying at 2 in the morning bc you’ll never meet them 
  • crying bc you cant date them
  • crying bc theyre breathing atm

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