so i’ve been watching Pushing Daisies and i realized that Ned is the only one in the whole series who never wears ridiculously bright colors (except that one time with that pie-shaped hat).

he’s always wearing colors on the gray scale -blacks and grays and whites. and that makes him stand out among the brightness and the happy tones. so kudos to the costume department, because he looks like the grim reaper in comparison to everyone else.

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  • Give me 3 reactions of what your OTP(s) would do their shipping moment and what your reaction would be to it.
  1. One scene would be where Sonic and Amy are hanging out alongside the beach during sunset. Amy accidentally drops something into the sand, and they both reach for it at the same time and their hands touch. They make eye contact with each other, and as their heads lean in the sun sets, making the scenery darker, making us unable to see what they did next. *kissed probably*  (my reaction)

  2. Amy has been rather down lately. She wonders if sonic will ever like her. ‘Am I not pretty enough?’ Is it because i’m constantly a damsel in distress, and sonic and the gang are constantly trying  to save me from Eggface?’ ‘Does Sonic not like me because he thinks i”m too childish?’ Many questions were always filling her head. She would  toss and turn at night thinking about the possible answers to the questions in her head, and it wld interfere with her sleep. So she would gaze out her window at night looking up at the star lit sky each night thinking about her beloved Sonic.- "Sonic will never fall for me. Why would he? I’m not all that special. Just plain old boring Amy Rose…" She wld walk sadly back into her room, and try to go back to bed. But what she didn’t know was that Sonic had been watching her the past few nights from a tree not far from the pink hedgehog’s house, concerned as to why his friend had been so sad the past few days. Hearing what she said hurt him a little. He did truly care for her, he just didn’t know how to show it well. but he had an idea, and sped down to the forest. Amy woke up the next morning to find dozens of roses on her front porch, with a single letter in the middle, which simply read… “I care about you Amy Rose, always have and always will. meet me tonight at the park at midnight, i have something else to give you…love, Sonic T. hedgehog.” *a kiss*

  3. sonic gives amy a kiss in a truth or dare and the kiss made him realize his love for the pink hedgehog.