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Hmm… a couple of things… 1. I would’ve named the “bromance”: Darick. 2. I don’t really think this is a bromance. 3. The…

1. Try saying “Tickle my Darick”. Then say “Tickle my Rickyl”. ‘Nuff said. :)

2. “This bond is normally only shared between two males that have a deeper understanding of each other” That’s part of a definition of bromance. It means they understand each other, trust each other and have each other’s back implicitly and at the point of the final few episodes, I believe this is how it was for Rickyl. 

3. Daryl was an outcast because he never knew what true acceptance felt like. All he knew was rejection, abuse, neglect, pain and negative emotions. He never had validation of worth as a person on any level before this. With this group he has been validated a hundred times over and at the end of the season finally accepted that. Rick, I believe, is the brother that he wanted Merle to be. If none of what I’m saying were true, then Daryl wouldn’t have stood up for Rick to Carol in the finale.