Celebrating my birthday with Fraggles

To celebrate my birthday this year my two best friends (plus one’s awesome fiancée) and I went to the Center for Puppetry Arts for us all to geek out over the Henson creatures they have on display. We scared off small children, sang “Cottlestone Pie”, squealed with glee (maybe that was just me), and took pictures where we weren’t supposed to because we were too excited to see Doctor Teeth and the Swedish Chef. And I totally wore my Fraggle Rock tee shirt for the occasion, though I had no less than 4 Henson shirts to choose from.

We were all admittedly star struck by one character or another. I think I was most excited to see Red Fraggle “in person,” but that was also before I squealed and ran for Doctor Teeth, so it’s debatable, but I really love Red. I went back over to her, Mokey, and the doozers a couple times. I wanted to be Red when I was little. I still do, really. When I made that comment while we were there two of them said I sort of am, which I will totally take.

I’m seriously considering buying a membership since it’s walking distance from my office. If I’m having a bad day I think a quick visit with Red, Kermit, Doctor Teeth, and Emmett Otter would be way more effective than a coffee run.

It was really interesting to see these up close. The Pigs in Space emblem is just felt and marker, which is particularly valuable since I’m still planning on making a First Mate Piggy costume even though last Halloween’s attempt crashed and burned.

A Very Fangirl Christmas - or my friends bought me Doctor Who prezzies

After Christmas Eve dinner with friends I came home and had a beer with the TARDIS.

(And yes, that’s a Hello Kitty Christmas shirt.)

For Christmas day I am quite looking forward to spending the day in bed watching White Christmas, though considering how my DVDs have been taunting me, I might be in for a Daria marathon.

Can anyone come up with a punchline for a dahlek, the TARDIS, and River Song’s journal walk into a bar…?