'Attack On Titan' Anime Getting Funko Pop! Vinyl Series

'Attack On Titan' Anime Getting Funko Pop! Vinyl Series

Attack On Titan

FUNimation and Funko are certainly finding some interesting anime properties to work with as they’ve got things in the pipeline for Dragon Ball Z and Black Butler. Now they’re doing some smart merchandising with the announcement of a series of Attack on Titan figures. The figures, which you can see below, are set to be released in October exclusively in stores and online at Top Topic, an exclusive that will last through December 2015.

The releases slated include:

  • · 6” Super-Sized Colossal Titan
  • Eren Jaeger
  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Eren Jaeger Titan Form

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'Sailor Moon' Wand Pens Coming

'Sailor Moon' Wand Pens Coming

Fans of Sailor Moon are certainly able to enjoy the slow but steady surge of new merchandise coming their way due to the new series and one of the neater things that’s landing is a series of transformation wands that are pens. These are really elegant looking pieces that play to the color strengths, the symbols but still bring it all together in a way that really is Sailor Moon. The set of five pens are sold together and are expected to land in Japan in November via the Bandai site for 6,480 yen.

That may be a bit much, especially if you really only want one pen, but there’s something to be said for just how appealing looking this set really is that it might be worth it.

[Source: Tomopop]

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