1. Harry Potter -  Gloucester Katedrali , Gloucester, UK  
2. The Avengers -  New York, NY, ABD
3. Forrest Gump -  Monument Vadisi, Utah, 163 yolunda
4. Breaking Bad -  Twisters, Albuquerque, NM, ABD
5. Breaking Bad - Tohajiilee Kızıldereli bölgesi, New Mexico, ABD
6. Game of Thrones -  Tollymore Orman Parkı, Kuzey Irlanda 
7. Game of Thrones -  Ward Kalesi, Kuzey Irlanda 
8. Game of Thrones -  Larrybane Ocağı, Kuzey Irlanda
9. Doctor Who -  Dunraven Bay, Wales
10. The Walking Dead - Atlanta, GA, ABD



Set aside 12 minutes of your day for the Game of Thrones musical

It’s a parody, starring Coldplay and a load of GoT actors, and it’s great.

No seriously, this Cersei comparison is blowing my mind. Here’s her thoughts on arming the Faith:

Cersei could not help but smile. Even her lord father could have done no better. At a stroke, she had rid King’s Landing of the plague of sparrows, secured Tommen’s blessing, and lessened the crown’s debt by close to a million dragons. Her heart was soaring as she allowed the High Septon to escort her back to the Hall of Lamps.

Let’s just fix this slightly…

Benioff and Weiss could not help but smile. Even George R.R. Martin could have done no better. At a stroke, they had rid themselves of the need to establish Arianne Martell, secured audience buy-in to Dorne through Ellaria, and improved upon Jaime Lannister’s Riverlands arc by giving him real action. Their hearts were soaring as they placed the casting call for three Sand Snakes.


I want to watch this on repeat forever.

The signs as idiotic adaptational choices by D&D:
  • aries:Littlefinger marries Sansa off to Ramsay because he also likes to live dangerously
  • taurus:Loras Tyrell, The Gay Knight Who's Gay. He has Sex. With Men. Because He's Gay. He breathes homosexually
  • gemini:Jaime Lannister engaging in consensual rape lol amirite ladies
  • cancer:What the fuck even happened in the House of The Undying what hte fukc
  • leo:Yara Greyjoy running from some barking dogs and a shirtless Ramsay
  • virgo:*masturbatory, ableist original monologue about beetles which does nothing to further the storyline but takes up 5 minutes of screentime*
  • libra:The Sand Snakes. Like. All of them. And Ellaria. Actually, Dorne. Like, all of it. Where is Arianne
  • scorpio:Skeletons and fireballs at Bloodraven's cave
  • sagittarius:Talisa
  • capricorn:Melisandre gets naked to solve a problem that can easily be solved with like, words
  • aquarius:LeBronn Jaime's whacky dornish rescue mission
  • pisces:lol whos Tysha anyway