Reverie, Chapter Three

 In the tent,the atmosphere was so thick that Eilidh felt as though she was walled in a tunnel of sex,her body humming under Harry’s feverish fingers. His hands were huge but skilled as they raked over her,light as a feather but still able to make her skin burn,as she writhed beneath him. Her hips raised to meet his,again and again,the girl between his legs making her moan with need and anticipation. Eilidh’s thoughts were cloudy as she ran her fingers over Harry’s back, gasping at the tightness she felt beneath her hands,the knots of his muscles flexing under her palms,as she swept them over the wide planes of his shoulder blades,down to his waist where her fingertips brushed his waist and felt the hard muscles of his stomach.  Harry’s right hand was angled in her hair,while the other cupped her jaw tightly,his thumb sweeping across the apple of her cheekbones as his tongue swept hers strongly,making her whimper.  She felt completely at his mercy,and it occurred to her fuddled brain that se had never felt a man handle her so firmly before.  Harry suddenly shifted his position making her gasp, as he held himself up by his hands,his palms splayed on the tent floor on either side of her head. His hips lowered down towards hers, and for the first time he pulled his lips back from hers,staring down into Eilidh’s eyes. His head swam as he looked down at her,overcome with how much he wanted her,and his arms began to shake.  Eilidh looked up at him in awe,unable to think straight and comprehend how stunning he was. She reached up and tentatively touched his face in wonder,their eye contact never breaking. Unable to wait,she pulled his lips back down to hers to melt together,more urgent this time.  Eilidh gasped in surprise when Harry suddenly disappeared from above her,a whine of disappointment escaping from her lips. He rocked back on the balls of his feet and looked down at her,his shaking hand covering his mouth. She gazed up at him,feeling oddly rejected as she twisted her tee shirt to cover her bare navel,suddenly wishing that her knickers weren’t on display and her thighs weren’t bare.  Harry took a few well-needed breaths before he spoke,his eyes never leaving her face. “This,er”,he stuttered,using his hand to gesture between them. He cleared his throat,his voice a growling baritone. He struggled to collect his garbled thoughts,a smirk making his dimple pop,his hand still pressed to his lips as he tried to regain his composure.  “You’re lovely”,he finally managed to say. Eilidh held her breath, certain this would then be followed up with a “but”.

“I’d like to…maybe do this right”, he continued nervously. Eilidh’s heart thudded in her ears, and a smile slowly spread across her face. “Maybe…take you out? Somewhere…that isnt a tent. Maybe”. Eilidh burst out laughing, her knees drawing up to her chest and her hands covering her eyes with delighted embarassment. Harry stared at her laughing, slowly grinning as he processed how cute she was. He suddenly grabbed her under her ribs, and tickled, making her squeal. “You think thats funny?”, he teased, as she giggled uncontrollably, nodding through her laughter, when he suddenly grabbed her wrists and held her still. He then leaned forward slowly and kissed her softly. Her top lip caught between his as their lips and bodies melted together deliciously. Eilidh caught her breath and marvelled to herself at the sweetness of his kiss, banishing all other thoughts from her mind and surrendering herself to his lips.   **************   When Eilidh woke up the next morning, she could hear the campsite slowly coming to life around her. She shifted up onto her elbow and smiled when she saw Harry still asleep beside her. They had stayed up until it was almost light out, kissing and talking, before falling asleep facing one another, their hands entwined. He looked even more beautiful in his sleep, she mused, younger somehow. His brow was smooth and his lips parted ina soft rosebud pout. Unable to help herself, she reached out and pet his cheek, watching his eyelids flutter as he woke, his lips breaking into a smile when he caught her watching him. “Morning”, he groaned as he stretched, automatically reaching for her and making her heart constrict. “Man, we’re still at a festival eh”, Harry observed, half sitting up and gazing around the disarray that was the tent. “Mmm”, Eilidh replied, her heart sinking a little. She had had such a gorgeous night with this boy, and now that fingers of sunlight were spidering through the tent, the reality of her situation came flooding back. What was she even doing with this boy? She inwardly rebuked herself, while tearing her eyes away from his face. Staying up all night talking and kissing with a goddamn famous boy, who was clearly one of the busiest men on the planet, and someone she would probably never see again. The strength of her feelings terrified her, and she had a sudden urge to run, run far away from this boy and all of his trappings.   Harry watched the emotion flicker across her face, furrowing his brow as he wondered what she was thinking about. He gazed up at her,seeing her in daylight for the very first time.   Her eyes were huge in the light, golden brown orbs flecked  with green in the early morning light, and framed with thick dark and unusually long eyelashes. Her chesnut unruly hair tumbled over her shoulders  to her waist, and the ends were coloured with bright pink, blue and green.

Her wrists were peppered with small tattoos and her nails were long and painted black. The most prominent of her tattoos were the ones on her thighs, which were bright pops of pink and yellow, the colours vibrant against her smooth brown thighs.

When she impatiently pushed her hair out of her eyes, he noticed that her ear was crusted in studs and small earings. Her nose was small and button-like, and her lips were large and slightly swollen from his bruising kisses, making them look puffy and sexy, when she parted them he saw two rows of perfect pearly teeth. She was, without a doubt, the coolest and most gorgeous thing he had ever seen.   Before Harry had a chance to ask her what she was thinking about, his phone buzzed in his pocket, making him jump. He answered it quickly, realising that he hadnt even looked at it since the night before. It was Tom, and once he had laughingly reassured him that he hadnt been beaten up by a gang of jealous ex boyfriends, he turned back to Eilidh, who was absent mindedly looking for her pajama bottoms.   “Who are you going to see today?”, Harry enquired, watching her. “Not sure”, she replied shortly. He fell silent,aware of the change in her mood, and wondering about it. “That was Tom”, he explained. “He’s going home today, has to go and see his little girl”. Eilidh nodded, her back to him, and her eyes filling with tears that horrified her. What the hell? She angled her body further away from him and swiped at her face frantically, feeling his eyes on her back. “I was gonna go and see a couple of friends, they are playing today,and I’m sure they would let me sit backstage, if you fancy it? I know its a pain, but if the press see me with a pretty girl, they’ll eat me alive…I could probably only get you in though, although I could ask about your friends…”, Harry was aware that he was rambling, but seemed unable to stop himself, until he looked up finally, and realised that Eilidh had turned and was staring at him, a smile playing around her lips. “You aren’t going home with Tom?”, she checked. “Nooooooo…”, Harry scratched his head, then his eyes widened suddenly. “Unless….you want me to go home with Tom?”, his eyebrow raised, and his quizzical expression made her giggle. “No”, she laughed, crawling towards him in the tent, unable to stop herself from kissing him. He rose eagerly at the opportunity, grabbing her hips and pulling her on top of him. “I suppose I just didnt think you would want to hang out with me”, she mumbled against his lips. He pulled back from their liplock, staring at her with wide, incredulous eyes, unable to fathom what she was saying. He burst into laughter, his head falling back against the tent floor. “Me not want to hang out with you?”, he gasped. “You have tattoos on your legs, and a brother in a band! A band with INSTRUMENTS!”, he bellowed at her, making her crow with laughter. “Do you realise how much cooler you are than me?!”.   “Erm,guys?”, a familiar voice sounded outside the tent, quickly subduing them. Eilidh scrambled onto her knees and crawled to the entrance of the tent, unzipping it quickly and popping her head out, only to feel Harry copy her. They looked up to see Alex peering down at them, looking fresh and rested, his eyebrows raised as he looked down at the two of them.

“Hello, floating heads”, he quipped. “Good night?”, he pointedly asked his sister, who blushed immediately. She dipped her head sheepishly, looking at Harry for support, who was grinning openly up at Alex. “Gonna hang out with Harry today”, she said self consciously. Alex smiled and nodded, expecting as much. He certainly wasnt going to complain about his big sister spending time with someone who made her laugh for the first time in four months. “Is Nina alright?”, she asked suddenly, feeling a pang of guilt for abandoning her friend, and wondering where she slept last night while she and Harry monopolised the tent. Alex looked away, his cheeks colouring as he answered quickly “Yeah she’s fine. Bit hungover but fine”. Eilidh didnt notice his behaviour, but Harry looked up at him curiously.   Once they had spoken and Alex had sloped off to the main arena with everyone else, Harry hurried back to the tent he was supposed to share with Tom to have a quick wash and change, while Eilidh busied herself trying to make herself look presentable enough to hang out with the worlds most famous popstar. She rolled her eyes at the absurdity of it all, as she finally settled on a flowered, baggy mini dress in bright, happy colours that clashed brilliantly with the primary colours chalked in her hair, and once she had dry-shampooed her mane of hair, settled a cream turban-style headband over it. Her makeup was simple but pretty, and her wrists and fingers jangled with bangles and beads.

When she looked in her hand mirror, she made a face. She looked fine, but she looked….so much like HERSELF. Growling, she grabbed her bag and went to meet Harry at the entrance of the arena.   Her heart jumped into her throat when she saw him,already waiting,leaning on one leg while he played with his phone. He looked fresh and clean, wearing the same jeans as the day before,as well as a white teeshirt, a red and blue checked shirt, layered under a pale blue denim one. His hair was lashed off his face with a white headband, and several rosary beads looped round his neck, while multiple silver rings winked on his fingers.

They greeted each other easily, and ambled towards one of the tents, where Harry grabbed her arm and sidled her to a side entrance, where they were let in easily. Eilidhs cheeks bloomed into colour when he touched her, and she shook her head at how mental this all was. She had spent all night in his arms, but still a simple touch made her body erupt into flames. The band turned out to be the 1975,and Eilidh tried not to be starstruck as she watched the boys crow with delight when they saw Harry, Matty Healey throwing himself into a massive bearhug and picking him up. She smiled and said hello to them all, feeling shy until they all enthusiastically crowded round her, shaking her hand and hugging her, curiously eyeing Harry and nudging him pointedly. Eilidh felt herself relax as they all sat in a circle, the boys all relaxed and happy to be playing, drinking cider and whiskey and smoking. She felt herself getting tipsy after only a couple of drinks, the result of no food and barely any sleep, and the day passed quickly. She sat next to Harry, their knees close but not touching, as the boys bantered and warmed up. She took out her phone and snapped a picture of the band and Harry, before sending it to Alex, who quickly replied with a picture of his own, a selfie of his face wearing a “what the fuck”, expression. Eventually, the bands manager came in to speak casually with the boys before they went on stage, and Harry glanced over at Eilidh. She sat cross legged beside him, smoking a cigarette and typing happily into her phone. She was so easy to be with, he acknowledged to himself. He always seemed to get into trouble with girls for not paying them enough attention, a common issue in all of his relationships. He felt so relaxed with her though, she joined in the conversation easily, holding her own in terms of humour, only falling into silences when comfortable. He suddenly stood up and grabbed her, pulling her off the speaker she was sitting on, onto his lap in the chair he was in. She laughed with surprise, shifting herself so she was sitting between his legs, and he cupped his arms under her bust, and gave her a wet kiss on the side of her face, making her laugh. He felt drunk, happy and relaxed and his hands wandered to the bottom, of her bra, making her inhale sharply. “Harry no”, she whispered, and he chuckled softly in her ear. While the band were still talking, he nudged her to stand up, and without a word, took her hand and led her outside the tent. They were at the rear of the tent and there was nobody to be seen, despite several portakabins lined up parallell to the huge tent. He took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply, making her gasp at the suddenness of it. Night was beginning to fall and the air was enveloped in a smoky, blue dusk as they kissed each other hungrily. Harry groaned, looping his arm round her waist and pulling her body tighter to him. He felt like he had been in a desert without water, and now he was kissing and touching her again, he was finally replenished. He couldnt explain his attraction to her, but he wanted to destroy her, dominate her and keep her forever. He tried desperately to remember his resolve from the night before. He didnt want this to go too far, without ensuring that she knew her worth. He had no idea why she had broken up with her ex, but he knew she had been with him for a long time, and her eyes looked tragic and broken when she brought him up. He didnt want to fuck her in a field. He wanted to take her out, build up to it, look after her. He felt in utter awe of her body as his fingers skimmed every inch of it through her clothes, her breasts high and tight, her legs seemingly endless. Without another thought her pushed her to her knees and then onto her back, as she laughingly made an attempt to protest. They lay on the grass, him on top of her, bodies entwining. Eilidhs breath came quickly as her mind raced. Was he going to fuck her? She wanted it so bad, she could barely bear the thought of not sleeping with him now,her body aflame beneath him. She felt completely out of control, and felt herself wildly tugging at her dress,trying to take it off, all semblance of decency and restraint forgotten. Harry chuckled into her mouth and gently stilled her hands. “I told you, I want to make it count”, he whispered, cursing himself at the same time. He was solid as a rock, and almost uncomfortable as he strained against his tight jeans. Eilidh whined in frustration in reply, unable to argue or think of anything but him. She reached down to massage him through his jeans, her eyes widening in shock at the size of him, new found excitement making her buck her hips impatiently. Harry groaned when she touched him. “You arent helping matters”, he grunted harshly into her mouth, while she shrugged back and kissed him feverishly. He eventually, with gargantuan effort took her hands in his and pinned them above her head. “Enough”, he said sternly, making her giggle. He sat between her legs which were bent at the knee, breathing deeply to calm himself, feeling oddly proud of himself despite his obvious frustration. He had certainly never felt this honourable before, he snorted inwardly. He looked down at her and could have cried. Her eyes were heavy and her lips almost bruised, her lips parted as she breathed through them heavily.One of the sleeves of her dress was hanging off her brown, perfect shoulder, and the skirt was bunched uparound her waist, revealing her plain, navy,american apparel underwear. She lay before him like a feast, and he felt quite irrational as he gaped at her. He leant forward and kissed her flat stomach, making her shiver as he worked his way down. Eilidh jolted suddenly when his mouth closed over her sex in a kiss, making her thighs tighten. She let out a loud moan before clamping her hands over her mouth,squirming her hips in anticipation. Who even was she? She was OUTSIDE. In a FIELD. She didnt care as Harry slowly found the hood of her clit, and licked it carefully, as she whimpered against her hand. Her hands found his hair, and she tugged tight, moaning louder, unable to help it as he held her clit between his teeth carefully, trilling his tongue against it, vibrating against her. Her tummy muscles jerked and made her buck, and she couldnt stop herself from grinding her hips into his face, panting uncontrollably. She knew it wouldnt be long before she came, it had been so long, and the whole weekend with him had felt like elaborate foreplay. “Oh Harry, make me come”, she gasped, tugging tighty on his curls as she grew closer, the warm pool of pressure building in her stomach and threatening to overflow. He groaned in response from between her legs, as his tongue circled and licked and flicked her clit relentlessly, while moan after moan ripped through her. “Oh, oh”, she gasped, leaning up on her elbows as she felt herself spill over the edge when he put his lips round her clit and sucked gently. “Im coming, I’m coming!”, Eilidh shuddered around his mouth as she came, moaning and whining as she rode his face through her orgasm, while he held her thighs and teased her even when she was done, giving her the odd lazy flick making her jolt and squeal. Finally, he came up and lay on the grass beside her and they both stared up at the slowly darkening sky, him smirking with manly pride, her mouth hanging open as she struggled to comprehend what had just happened. What the fuck is this? Eilidh thought to herself through her foggy mind. Still quaking with pleasure, she rolled into his side where he held her there, and stroked her hair. Her heart still thudded through her dress as he picked up her chin with his finger to kiss her. She closed her eyes and inhaled him, surrendering herslf to the mindfuck that was her weekend.
Não é preciso gostar para ser amigo. Amigo é o que não sacrifica.
—  João do Rio (Um Mendigo Original)