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This is a friendly reminder that you’re only as negatively impacted by fandom PR stunts as you allow yourself to be.

The success of any PR set up is determined by how much they get people talking; refusing to buy into or pay attention to faux-narratives that are marketed to you can actually help make them go away faster. (And even if it doesn’t, it’ll definitely make you less irritated by them, and who needs any added stress in their life?)

If you haven’t already seen it, go and watch the original "Just Don’t Look" song from The Simpsons here

  • clarke and bellamy:*hug*
  • fandom:o H HEM GEE diD U see tHAT THEY are so frEAKINGH CANON EnndGAME *choke on spit*
  • clarke and lexa:*kiss*
  • fandom:they're just friends, nothing romantic here, just gal pals being gal pals
Where Chrysanthemums Blossom

Title: Where Chrysanthemums Blossom
Fandom: Tokyo Ghoul
Verse: Maybe? Here There Be Gods?
Pairing: KaneHide
Warnings: AU loosely based off Hades and Persephone, Fwee attempts fluff
Summary: Everyone knows the story of how the moon came to be, of how a god clawed his way to the surface in an explosion of rubble, how the crater left in the wake of his birth is also the launch site of the sparkling jewel high in the night sky.

A/N: So much thanks for my beta steppingoncellphones who nitpicked the garbled mess I dumped on her until it resembles the vaguely-English you see now. Any mistakes you still see are due to my own error. No, seriously, so much thanks to her, it was such a steaming pile of mess until she laid her magic hands on it.  ; u; <3

This is so self-indulgent I feel like I have to apologize to everyone who reads this. 

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It upsets me when I see an Anti-Brony Association.Whether you be Pegasister or Brony,you are still in the herd,Just because we like a T.V show doesn’t mean we are sepereated from humanity does it not?Of course not,so Brony and Pegasis on.


Several people are planning on mailing the CW in order to bring the issue of inappropriate fan/actor/writer interactions to light.  Several of the cast members and writers have tweeted inappropriate things to their fans and we want this to stop.  If we want to get our point across, we need evidence (screencaps of rude tweets, e-mails, etc).  If you have any screencaps that we can use in this e-mail, please reblog this and add your screen cap to the post.  

Thank you, I really appreciate the help!

say what you want about Clare’s storyline but aislinn was fantastic and has been the entire time she was on the show and just because other actors deserve to be nominated for an award as well, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t so please stop whining


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