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shezamaverick said:

I think it's possible that Niall "wasn't there" because he was hooking up with one of the girls and trying to be sneaky about it. People can say he was with them but if there aren't pictures/vids they can't 100% PROVE it. Harry getting photographed a lot with those girls effectively pinned the majority of rumors to him while Niall basically got forgotten in the melee.

As far as I read it’s like this:

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I really hate when people devalue writing fanfic by saying that people are wasting their time doing it and should be seeking publication instead. Have you never heard of doing something for the sheer fun of it? What the fuck is your life like that you can’t imagine seeking out something enjoyable to do in your spare time? Do you run up to people in the park and tell them to stop playing football because they are wasting their time if they aren’t pursuing a professional career? Sure, writing fanfic can be a great way to polish skills if you some day wish to publish your own work, but writing fanfic is also great just on its own. 

Tumblr right now
  • Sherlock:How are you, Doctor who?
  • Doctor Who:Pretty good, getting through my episodes. You're still in hiatus?
  • Sherlock:Yeah. What about you, Supernatural.
  • Supernatural:Just waitin'
  • *running feet heard*
  • *Attack on Titan bursts through the door*
  • Attack on Titan:*panting* Did… YouHear… Who has… WOKEN UP?
  • Sherlock:Oh no
  • Doctor Who:Please no
  • Supernatural:Oh god, no.
  • Hetalia:NE NE BITCHES
  • Everyone:*girly screams*
  • Hetalia:*eats pasta and backflips* I'M BACK BITCH. *kicks salt out of Supernatural's hand*
  • Attack on Titan:*3DMG's away*
  • Hetalia:*rips off shirt and does a battle cry* I'M THE HERO
  • Hetalia:*flips out the window and lands in Grandpa Rome's hands who flies safely away* VEEE~~~~

anonymous said:

There's a lot of internalized homophobia within the fandom, honestly. I know plenty of people who claim to be for LGBTQIA rights, yet they get extremely defensive if you try to claim that any of the boys are anything but heterosexual. If you embrace Harry's femininity and the fact that he shows clear signs of liking men/both genders, they fucking flip out. It's crazy and honestly really sad.

That ‘not in my backyard’ sort of hypocrisy drives me crazy. 

It’s no different than “I’m not racist but… I wouldn’t want my daughter to date a black guy.

I’m not sexist but… I wouldn’t vote for a woman as President.

I’m not a bigot, but I don’t want them building a mosque in my neighbourhood”

I’m not homophobic but…. you’re being disrespectful and gross if you think that Harry and Louis are together.

People like this think that they’re somehow being less disgusting by being for _________ rights, but all it means is that they’re not actually okay with the tangible reality of the thing they claim to be supportive of. They’re okay with the idea of it, as long as it’s happening far away, somewhere where they don’t have to deal with it or look at it. And that makes them lacking in self-awareness and bigots. 

To be clear, to any narky anon-trolls just waiting to jump on me, claiming that I’m saying that ~you have to think Harry and Louis are together or it means you’re not genuinely supportive of LGBTQ rights~, sit the fuck down, that’s not what I’m saying and you know it. What I am saying is if you were genuinely supportive of LGBTQ rights, then the idea that Harry and Louis might be together shouldn’t faze you in the least. You should be able to say ‘I can see why you might think that, and personally I disagree, but that’s your opinion’, without flipping your shit. That’s what.