On Destiel and meta writing

There’s been some tension lately around the idea that positive destiel shippers in the community should be held responsible for ‘giving people false hope’ that Destiel will be explicit canon by the end of the show. I came across this post by ladyofthesilent (a person I respect and whose opinion I value, to be clear), and I’m now making this post to try and make sense of the current situation, and with the intention of not talking about this again unless personally asked.

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I was thinking back today to how it was weird in high school to be into fandom, to write essays on color scheme and lighting in a TV show or interrogate the historical accuracy of a movie or draw up a rhetorically sound argument for why two characters were in love or locate every plot hole in a novel and tie them up in fanfiction and I realized that those behaviors are at the heart of scholarship. That level of critical thinking, textual engagement, and narrative inquiry are exactly what college professors (especially in the humanities) are hired to teach. So the next time you see a fifteen-year-old dismantling Moffat’s writing or drafting character studies of Victor Frankenstein, don’t you dare say an unkind word because they’re a fucking scholar.