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Yet another Fandible fan vid based on their Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader RPG recordings, this time starring Quantos the tech priest.




Suggested Rating: Usually oscillating gently between PG-13 and R.

Warnings: Plenty of swearing, dark humor and potty jokes, with occasional trigger warnings, although the group members make a genuine effort to be mature in their dealings with sensitive subject matter, and are immensely considerate towards their listeners.

Edition: A great many. (See below.)

Characters and Players: The group plays a variety of one-off games and longer campaigns, each of them taking turns as the GM, as needed.

The usual suspects players are Angela, Billy, Daniel, David, Jésus.

Opinion: Fandible provides a vast variety of outrageously funny Actual Play podcasts, updating with a new episode every Friday, regular as clockwork. To be more precise: most of their games will inevitably end up as full-on comedy games, or at the very least peppered with Mountain Dew-fueled banter. However, when they’re playing horror games, they often crank up the scare factor to 11, and try to make the game as heart-pumpingly terrifying as possible. (And wow, can they be scary when they want to be.)

They often playtest crowdfunded RPGs and other brand new games, in addition to running longer on-going campaigns of Shadowrun, Hollow Earth Expedition, Unhallowed Metropolis, and Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader. Fandible also hosts the FandiBlog, where the five group members post discussion pieces on geeky topics, and the Geeky Topics Round Table podcast, where they discuss… well, geeky topics. (The round table’s optional.)

They put great effort into connecting with their fans and online community through both their main and auxiliary sites (they’ve got a Facebook page, a TV Tropes page, a site Twitter account, a Google+ account, a Tumblr, a YouTube channel, a Patreon, and even a team mascot: Sir FandiToaster, a generous donation from one of their fans).

D4 Rating: 4/4

Funny times during Last Night on Earth

The fandible crew got together yesterday to play the board game Last Night on Earth. Some of our better lines…

"Cookies and wine. Classy as fuck." - Commentary on my choice of snack + beverage

"You have whats-her-face. Does she do anything?" - katsushiro, asking Jesus about the NPC he had with him.

"My character is like an NRA spokesman!" - David,  upon finding yet another gun in the gym (I think he went though four. Plus a meat cleaver. Dark jokes were made about why the school gymnasium was so well stocked, because "appropriate" isn’t a word in Fandible’s vocabulary)

"That knife didn’t kill that zombie. JESUS killed that zombie." - David about katsushiro's priest/zombie killing machine.

"Jesus saves. All these fuckers take full damage!" - katsushiro, also about his priest/zombie killing machine.

We only played one game, and it was the basic, “first timers play this” scenario, but it was a lot of fun! I played the zombies while everyone else were the heroes and it felt like a very well-balanced game. It really could have been anyone’s game - I think the last zombie they needed to kill was killed on round 13 of 15. Highly recommended for board game fans!

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Another old animation: Fandible presents the Krooty Buttkicker Show! (Starring their Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader RPG characters, Telka Prant the Kroot mercenary, and Barsha D. Barsha the Ork freebooter.)


Inspired by Daniel’s “Draw the Fandible Members as Dragons" challenge, here is, umm… the members of Fandible, drawn as dragons.

(DISCLAIMER: No actual dragons were harmed in the productions of these doodles. Sir William and Wyrmangela eventually got past their differences and realized they had much in common, fell in love, and were married in a totally legal ceremony, conducted in international waters by the esteemed Captain Rubia. The princess went on to graduate summa cum laude from NYU and landed a job in the HR sector. Jésuserpent is not, nor has he ever been, a Nazi - although he does look rather spiffy in a uniform.)