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We’ve met the fancy Detox and she said something nice!

anonymous asked:

i just remembered that time u talked about sugar baby!zayn you should talk about it more because i'm really into it a lot

petulant sugar baby!zayn who’s not accustomed to this new fancy lifestyle that he’s been blessed with he doesn’t want to go to the new saint laurent s/s 15 runway show he’ll just end up starring off into space anyway he just wants to stay at home curled up on the couch watching true detective reruns with take out in front of him and maybe someone to pet his hair (someone being the insufferable asshole dragging him to this event in the first place) but he’ll go anyway because he loves watching that insufferable asshole choke in front of the shiny people when he whispers filthy things in their ear and yet turns down the opportunity to go home when they suggest it’s time to go with a wild look in their eye (however he refuses to wear that god awful sheer shirt that was bought for him) 

standoffish sugar baby!zayn because who the fuck does this person think they are walking into his place of work asking to pay for the art supplies he overheard him complaining about a few day ago ??? he’s not worthless he’s not lazy he can do things on his own and he doesn’t need some pretentious prick who wears sunglasses indoors to do away with his woes like some superhero because there’s always a catch to these things but when they take off their sunglasses and look at him with sincere eyes his resolve starts to crumble and perhaps they aren’t so bad……..but he shakes his head to clear his thoughts of pretty eyes and dimpled cheeks and fixes his face into something more stony as a ‘no’ leaves his lips and he’s not even sure if it was as convincing as it felt and it probably wasn’t because his potential hero’s lips tilt into a silent smirk that makes zayn feel easy for this and leaves with an ‘okay’ and a ‘have a good day then’ and zayn finally feels like he can breathe again until he looks down and sees a piece of paper on the countertop that reads ‘WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND’ and a number scrawled underneath it and he knows he’s fucked

princess sugar baby!zayn because he loves his new life everything is so shiny and new and pretty and he feels lighter than he has in almost three years and he revels in being fussed over and lets this new love fill him up and when they’re driving downtown to shop until they can’t anymore he stares in amazement at all the pretty lights and pretty buildings and pretty people going about their business not knowing that their lives are currently being pieced together by someone who wasn’t born for this and when he feels like he’s had his fill of feeling small he looks over in the drivers seat in awe and they give him a quick look and a soft smile and tangle their fingers with his in silent recognition. zayn could get used to this he thinks and if he sinks to his knees in a dressing room after whining and pouting about how he wanted to show gratitude well…who’s to say no to a princess


Yay neuer Fancy Beitrag! :D