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Pastel Palette by melissa-de-souza featuring a matte lipstick ❤ liked on Polyvore

White jacket, €41 / Nly Shoes platform pumps, €52 / MICHAEL Michael Kors leather handbag, €375 / INC International Concepts hematite ring, €24 / L Oréal Paris eyeshadow, €5,56 / Matte lipstick, €5,53 / Blue Womens Slim Floral Spaghetti Straps Fancy Tank Dress - PINK QUEEN, €26 / Sexy Jewelry-$5.03 Punk Rivets Wild Short Necklace Pink Queen, €11

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That was my answer to the stranded island question also. underwaterbimbo = confirmed selfless sweetie. Hmm, if you could have fancy dress up dinner with any 2 people in human history, but you had to order your very favorite meal of all time, what would your meal order be, including drink and dessert?

hmmm. I’d have dinner with Bill Nye and Keith Buckley. and I’d order Cajun pasta because it’s spicy and awesome, and chocolate cheesecake, and water and strawberry wine to drink. maybe some shots of fireball to go around also.

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What are Twila's eating habits? What clothes she prefers to wear? Does she wraps herself in a blanket at night?

Twila isn’t very picky in food, but she prefers lighter meals. She eats fast and not too graceful. She knows table manners, but she needs to control herself to follow them. And she never leaves anything on her plate. She does have a huge problem eating when she’s sick or injured. 

Twila prefers tunics and pants. Leather armour over them if she knows she’ll have to fight. She doesn’t like dresses or fancy clothes much. When she performs at the tavern she just wears a nice bright-coloured tunic.

Twila needs all the blanket she can get and it nearly always happens unconsciously. It’s better to bring your own blanket along if you want to sleep in one bed with Twila. 

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you look like lunette the clown… not cute

o mg HAHA i cant remember asking u for your opinion on which clown i looked like? oh babe why didnt u tell me this earlier im going to a party tonight and u could have given me some serious inspo for the fancy dress theme :))) but seriously.. i dont look anything like that???? the clown doesnt even have big eyebrows…u got this wrong. fuck you tbh.!but anyway the girl that is the clown is cute so like idek what u tryna say!!?? im actually takin this as a compliment . clowns are scary and mysterious. ur opinion of how cute i am means NOTHING to me . u seem like a terrible person to send me a message like this. i feel so sorry for u that u are so boring and u spend time tryna offend people . i would rather look like a clown than have a personality of someone who sends people hate and says that they are “not cute”. idc if u aint attracted to me bc i dont wanna deal w ppl who are shitty and rude :)) u aint getting nowhere in life if u tell ppl they aint cute n send anon hate. obvs means u aint feelin cute urself . i hope u wake up feeling nicer tomorrow :))))) try and love urself and then maybe u can send ppl some nice messages in future (u will feel much better abt urself if u do that) :))

[ MICHELLE BILLINGS ] ◆ Forty-One ◆ Joker :: Consigliere

"The two-sided mint is the rule, not exception, and would you not feel quite the fool of deception to find the same face on both sides of the coin?"


Brought up in the heart of Georgia, Michelle was a southern bell to a fault. She liked big fancy parties, dressing up and wearing fancy jewelry. Her father ran some huge oil company that he made millions from every year and so, Michelle grew up wanting for nothing. Despite that fact, small town life was not made for Michelle. She dreamed of big city lights and making a life for herself, once that wasn’t full of the same old drama. When he father passed on when she was nineteen and left her a fortune, she packed up and moved to New York as quickly as she could. But after a failed marriage, a daughter, a university course for a business degree and eventually a divorce, Michelle had to turn to prostitution after blowing through her money and she hated it. She came out as a lesbian at age fourteen and having to sleep with men had been a nightmare. So when Daniella came into her life and brought her into the fold, she couldn’t be more grateful to the woman and she happily accepted her offer to join the Jokers as soon as it was asked of her.


Michelle has now been a Joker for fourteen years and in that time, she has made her way up the ranks to become third in command: the consigliere. It was her job to advise and guide Daniella on her every action, and she had become damn good at it too. With her business degree under her belt, she knew how to manipulate the inner workings of the business to meet Daniella’s needs as well as giving advice on how to handle any business decision. Joining the Jokers had been the best decision of her life, and it hold molded her. She was looked at as the voice of reason among the Jokers, the woman they could all rely on to make the right decision and guide all their movements. But that was only one side of her. The other was dark and ruthless. She would do anything to get her Jokers where they needed to be and she was happy to get blood on her hands if that’s what the occasion called for. She knew she had power, and she knew how to use it in order to get the results she wanted. Michelle is well and truly a two-headed coin and the side you saw all depended on what she allowed you to see.


  • Daniella Romono ◆ Closest Friend: The two have been close since the day they met, and nothing has changed that over the years. Michelle trusts her with absolutely everything…except her true feelings. Michelle is fairly certain that she fell in love with Daniella a long time ago, but showing those feelings could ruin everything they have built.
  • Jay Romono ◆ Friend: Jay has been like a son to her for many years, and the two are rather close. He is one of the few that knows of her true feelings towards his mother, and Michelle appreciates being able to be honest with him.
  • Charlotte Diamond ◆ New Friend: Michelle originally only became friends with her to make sure her intentions were true, but their friendship actually became real after some time. Michelle finds her easy to talk to and enjoys being able to do so.
  • Duke Keaton ◆ Accquaintance: Michelle sees potential in Duke and the thought has crossed her mind more than once to try and recruit him. After seeing him in action, she has decided pursue earlier thoughts and see if he would be interested in joining the Jokers.


  • Faceclaim: Lena Headey [ MODERATELY NEGOTIABLE ]
  • Availability: Open
  • Player: TBA

FACECLAIM ALTERNATIVES: Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Chastain, Cate Blanchett