The Clash in fancy dress for the cover story of June 1978 Sounds Magazine, photographed by Chalkie Davis: Joe Strummer in bankrobber style, Mick Jones in a Hussar uniform, Topper Headon in a Bruce Lee jumpsuit and Paul Simonon as a surreal Wehrmacht officer with swastikas covered by button bagdes of MPLA, the Marxist-Leninist Angolan political party.

(…not so sure about Paul`s costume though, his image in Nazi uniform makes me feel kind of awkward…)

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The Queen is wearing eighteenth-century dress (with the ribbon and star of the Garter), her hair powdered and crowned with a diadem and a fan in her right hand. On 6 June 1845 a masked ball was held at Buckingham Palace and the Queen had recorded in her Journal that she had herself ‘coiffée [her hair styled] like the other day, with powder…with a diadem…I had myself sketched by 2 painters’.

Inscribed on the back with the names of the artist and sitter and the date, 4 June 1845.