You are so dear, so wonderful. I think of you all day long, and miss your grace, your boyish beauty, the bright sword-play of your wit, the delicate fancy of your genius, so surprising always in its sudden swallow-flights towards north and south, towards sun and moon — and, above all, yourself. 

In honor of Ireland’s historic feat for marriage equality and the dignity of love, Oscar Wilde’s breathtaking love letters to Bosie

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when your brothers found out that Kai had a thing for you, they escorted you everywhere. especially to parties. ‘we wouldent want you in some closet with that psycho playing seven minutes in heaven.’ Damon would say.

they had escorted you to a fancy party but with a bit of magic, Kai managed to get you away for a few minutes. they found you easily. 

Damon began clapping and so did Stefan, “wonderful job Kai,” Damon grinned, “you just proved to us that even with us we cant protect her… outside of our house. solitary confinement it is.”


oh Kai. oh Damon. but they would never actually keep the reader there because they’re nice (and Kai would always find a way around it)

anonymous asked:

10. List 10 things off of your bucket list.

1. Write and publish a book
2. Travel as much as possible
3. Become rich
4. Live abroad (multiple times)
5. Have a fancy home in a sky scraper 
6. Be able to eat again fancy cakes
7. Run lectures of the things I have learnt
8. Get married
9. Pet tigers
10. Travel Japan from South to North via the coast lines (so basically go the country around)

My personal vote
Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Very good:

Australia - nothing new, but good. Among the first five places is perfectly.
Belgium - Damn Belgium! This has earned the 1st place.
Cyprus - Nothing fancy but beautiful.
Israel - you’ve done a very good job.
Moldova - Didn’t qualify haha - I can’t help myself but I like it.
Norway - Just beautiful. Had it been the first place, I would agree with.


Austria - 0 points? You didn’t deserve such bad voting!!!
Azerbaijan - Nice guy with an amazing voice. Maybe I should put the song one floor up? :)
Hungary - Absolutely beautiful. Such an underrated song.
Romania - It captured my heart. I like that it was sung in the Romanian language.
Sweden - Nice song, nothing more nothing less. But breathtaking visual effects and light show. Congratulations :)
The Netherlands - Nice song and a good singer but a shit performance. Was she wearing a potato sack? :D Too bad!
United Kingdom - I cannot understand why so many people complaints about this song. It’s not bad. It’s an catchy record. Give it a chance it is pure fun. The video is much better than the live performance.

(Damn German commentator, he has made the song so bad. That must not be! This has upset me terribly. Shame on him! A commentator in a competition of this kind should be neutral. Stupid old bastard.)

Something in between:

Germany - Ann Sophie has an amazing voice that’s for sure. Unfortunately the song has not caught me. Nevertheless 0 points are a joke!!!
San Marino
Denmark - Really it’s not bad , but pretty simple and often heard.

It’s a matter of taste but it’s not my own:

Czech Republic
F.Y.R. Macedonia

Russia - From the song aside, I do not like the singer. I think the emotions at the end of the song were not real. She’s an “actress” I think.


Finland - I respect the performer :)

キャキャ〜〜♡♡ My Fancy a la Mode package came finally~!! Omg I love everything so so much ;//o//; 💕✨ The tissue case is just the cutest thing and fits my bakery corner so nicely as well as the adorable ceramic jars!♡ I am so drooling over them ahah! They makes the cutest designs, really~~! Thank you so so much for the cute notes & freebies too!꒰๑॔¤̴̷̶̤ ·̮ ¤̴̷̶̤๑॓꒱໊ ༘♡ Magaちゃん&Eriちゃんare the sweetest! Also thank you darlings @cialikawaiiland and @manonmarguerite for helping me get these cuties!♡♡♡ #fancyalamode #ファンシー #love #homedecor #ラブリー