Imagine Ardavision Song Contest though ...
  • Glorfindel, Elladan and Elrohir entering for Rivendell as a boygroup
  • Denethor for Gondor, singing weird folk songs
  • Merry and Pippin for the Shire, singing the Green Dragon Song from the movie
  • Isengart, Mordor, Khand, Rhun and Harad being hated by everyone because they’re giving points to each other ((so basically Eastern Europe!))
  • The Nazgûl for Mordor, making some kind of Metal
  • Thranduil for Mirkwood singing I’m too sexy, is drunk before the show even starts
  • Éomer and Éowyn singing country songs for Rohan and having actual horses on stage
  • Celeborn who was forced to enter by his wife but can’t actually sing, Haldir and his brothers are his background dancers
  • Saruman singing this
  • A strange elf who claims to be from a country no one ever heard about, who is the best singer of them all.

キャキャ〜〜♡♡ My Fancy a la Mode package came finally~!! Omg I love everything so so much ;//o//; 💕✨ The tissue case is just the cutest thing and fits my bakery corner so nicely as well as the adorable ceramic jars!♡ I am so drooling over them ahah! They makes the cutest designs, really~~! Thank you so so much for the cute notes & freebies too!꒰๑॔¤̴̷̶̤ ·̮ ¤̴̷̶̤๑॓꒱໊ ༘♡ Magaちゃん&Eriちゃんare the sweetest! Also thank you darlings @cialikawaiiland and @manonmarguerite for helping me get these cuties!♡♡♡ #fancyalamode #ファンシー #love #homedecor #ラブリー

backyardfairies asked:

More septum rings, please!

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