Ah here she is. Still not sure how I feel about the final result! The Sylph design is pretty difficult to work with.

Also I used the Virgin Mother Grub’s wings for her wing design, as suggested by a few of my followers before.


Thought I would add some other ones that I enjoyed My cosplay wasn’t perfect but I had a lot of fun in it And I’m aware my horn is twisted, it on a screw and it fell and of well I still like the pictureesss

Photos by: sporadicprince and jmoosalecki

Design by: rumminov

Cosplayer is me~ Pictures were also edited by me.


On My Way To Prom



happy promstuck guys, i’m wearing my actual prom dress i made!


More pictures of my fancy tier Kanaya!

Rewore this costume with a few fixes (so many hotfix crystals) for Con G in January, and Solartempest was wonderful enough to shoot us! I love working with Kevin because even though I was sore, sick, and in a really bad headspace during the shoot, you can’t tell here. He’s a chill guy who makes beautiful photos happen.

Also, it’s always fun to cosplay in a group! Jackie reprised her role as my beautiful Rose, and Piraticia joined us as Jade! I’m looking forward to one day getting a big group of these designs together. Any takers? XD

Original design by Synnesai
More photos of the costume here
Kanaya Jade


Being a part of this group was such a great experience. Jayuna and Elemental are such quality people, and their outfits are stunning. <3 And they actually think a head to book photographers, something I need to learn to do because Solartempest’s shots are beautiful. 

This was my first time making jewelry, and it was a great change from sewing. The resin broach is my favourite part of this costume. 

Original design by Synnesai
Rose Kanaya Jade


D —> Let up pause before I continue, and contemplate as to how that is a f001ish question to ask

D —> Kanaya, despite her b100d color, is a very sophisticated and elegant troll

D —> She possesses a good taste in class, respect for the highb100ds, and would never attempt to randomly strip naked in front of any trol—



D —> …


D —> My STRONG body is prepared 

((I was glad to have permission to use the Kanaya’s picture

The great Kanaya cosplayer:


The wonderful Photographer: 




Virgo - August 23 - September 23

Happy Birthday to the Virgos! In celebration, have a collection of lovely Kanaya cosplays!

In order:
Mother Grub - Lunariven
CHAINSAW - Davescape
Fancy God Tier (by Synnesai) - Elemental
Fancy God Tier (by Yaexrae) - Yaexrae
Seamstress - Allison
God Tier - Lunariven
Suitstuck - estrangeddejection
Fancy Tier (by Rumminov)- NyokNatalie
Normal - ?
Hemostuck - Sharpestrose, Beckah


First photo set from Otakon. I have like two more coming. Most of the pictures I took I’m not even gonna bother putting up because I apparently can’t take a picture that’s not blurry. I don’t know most peoples Tumblr’s or anything so if anyone knows just say so. Again sorry for any blurry pictures.
Edit: I’ve been told the second to last picture is fancy-tier Terezi and Aradia, and at least the Terezi design was made by Rumminov