It will be produced by Alcon Entertainment (Andrew A. Kosove and Broderick Johnson) and Thunderbird Films (Frank Giustra and Tim Gamble) for Warner Brothers. Bud Yorkin and Cynthia Sikes will produce and finance the film, with Ridley Scott and Hampton Fancher only attached as consultants and partly as Executive Producers. Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Rick Deckard, on condition of Ridley Scott's involvement and the quality of the script. Neither Isa Dick Hackett or Electric Shepherd Productions are involved so far in this film.

The project is scheduled to begin shooting in early summer of 2016, with a tentative 2018-19 release date.

Bud Yorkin is a Hollywood financier who has been infamously related with most of Blade Runner’s (the film) production problems and its nightmares as an intellectual property, effectively blocking the first restoration effort in 1996, the second in 1999 and a third in 2001; the release of the Vangelis soundtrack (denying any payment to the musician, who withheld the original tapes) until 1993; its 2007 Blu-Ray re-release (until a monetary agreement with Warner Brothers was met at the 11th hour); any sequel books (only 3 were published until he sued Philip K. Dick's Estate) or graphic novels that involved characters from the film, and any film sequels (in 2004 Warner Brothers intended to pre-produce a sequel until it was met with a lawsuit). His company Tandem Productions (part of The Blade Runner Partnership) did own the sequel rights to Blade Runner from its release until 2011, when it sold them to Alcon Entertainment with the main condition of being himself attached as a producer to the project if it was ever green-lit.

Alcon Entertainment acquired the rights to Blade Runner with the intention of making both prequels and sequels.

The sequel is based upon an original concept script by Hampton Fancher (itself based on an 2004 idea by Fancher and Scott). Ridley Scott hired Michael Green to revise the script in late 2014. Green's feature film credits include Green Lantern and the upcoming Prometheus 2, and he’s a respected producer of other DC Comics properties such as Gotham and Smallville.

Denis Villeneuve is in last-stage negotiations to direct the sequel, and he’s considered the main choice in a very short list. Villeneuve is a respected French-Canadian director who has demonstrated recently a keen ability to generate tension, not to mention eliciting incredibly strong performances from his actors. His feature film credits include the Academy Nominated Film Incendies (considered by the New York Times as one of the 10 best films of 2011), Prisoners (also nominated to an Academy Award for its cinematography), Enemy (named Best Canadian Film of the Year at the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards 2014) and the upcoming Sicario. His films allow character development while keeping a gritty visual style, and are well regarded by both critics and the audiences.

The story is set roughly 3 decades after the events depicted in the original movie, with an unnamed main character searching for and old Blade Runner involved in the retirement of a group of rogue Replicants, including a missing Nexus 7 prototype model (Rachael Rosen) whose development was kept secret by Eldon Tyrell. Rick Deckard isn’t featured in the first 3 acts of the movie, and Rachael Rosen is presumed dead by then. Most of the story is supported by new characters, with the final goal of finding Deckard. The movie will be plot-driven and open-ended, allowing more instalments. 

That leaves open the question of just exactly who that lead will be — and depending on the story, one could easily imagine the director teaming up with frequent collaborator Jake Gyllenhaal, particularly given the actor’s recent penchant for dark, noir-infused roles.


Chelsea Wolfe

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