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[Fancams-compilation] Super Show Seoul Day 1 with Super Junior | 140919

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Enjoy’em dorkiness 

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140919 SS6 Seoul - Islands (mostly Kyuhyun focus)

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[140919] SS6 Day 1 - FROZEN Crossdressing

140919 - Incheon Asian Games


Tonight, NHK kept repeating the name of JYJ many times during broadcasting. The announcer (female) introduced them (JYJ) as ” JYJ - Asia Top Idol” as well as about “their influence/existence throughout Japan (the whole country) when JYJ stepped out from the wing of the stage. 
T/N: NHK is Japan’s national public broadcasting organisation. (cr: NHK sport+MAKI_tokyoJapaN)


  • MBC: Full [14:42]
  • MBC: Only One [2:55]
  • MBC: Empty [4:06]
  • KBS2: Only One [5:04]
  • KBS2: New Song [2:09]
  • KBS2: Empty [4:25]
  • NHK: Full [15:05]
  • Singapore: Full with English Commentary [14:24]

Sources: MBC [via 華 yvonne5810 & lovexiarin & JJYCJS JYJ] + SBS via 바1보♡  + love jaejoong + DongKyoung + mignon0314 + daniels_28 + KBS2 via MrCar0000 + NHK Sport [via kaju0731 & yuna mw & Rei Hirakawa] + MAKI_tokyoJapaN + Singapore TV via JaeObsession

Translation: pearls_purple

Shared by: DBSKNights + JYJ3


19/9/2014 (IAG) walking off the stage - Happy JJ (‘∀’●)

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[fancam] #ss6inseoulday2 EunHyuk ~!!
cr: parkheeyoung13

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[140919] SS6 - Kyuhyun solo

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091914 NU’EST @ Mexico airport ✈ Peru

© themuselala
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[Fancam] 140918 6th Anniversary Fanmeeting - Friday

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140919 와팝(WAPOP) intro + TOPDOG - BJOO ver.

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A wild MaSi appears 

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#SS6SeoulDay1 Hyuk solo

Source 大叔麻烦来个大饼加一切

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[140916] ‘Missing’ (Niel Focus) @ KBS Open Concert

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[Fancam] 140918 IU 6th Anniversary Fanmeeting by 낙서

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{FANCAM Mine} NU’EST in Mexico 140918

Storybook Girl

The choreography is so fucking cute!!!