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This image perfectly captures the spirit of Pokemon

I found this image via thetechnogeek​, an awesome gaming/music/art blog that I highly recommend. This piece is by Pixiv user zheN, and is titled ホームスイートホーム. I love this picture’s art style, the innocence it portrays, and how nostalgic it is for me. It isn’t often you see Game Boy Advance SPs shown in Pokemon fan art, and it’s a great touch. If you want to see more of zheN’s works (they’ve got some great ones), click the link below!

More: zheN’s Profile, The Rare Candy Project

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will you?

Alrighty, so im sure a lot of you have already heard that FOB and 5sos are going to be doing a collaboration in the near future, right?

I have to say, I am very disappointed with a lot of fellow fall out boy fans. 

I’ve seen a lot of posts going around about this, things like ‘fob and 5sos are collaborating kill me now’ and ‘5sos can go fuck themselves nobody likes them’ and whatnot. 

Not cool, guys.

Since when is it okay for people to completely shit on music artists, just because they dont like their music? And its not like 5sos is hugely problematic– they’ve slipped up a few times, yes, but honestly everyone has. they’re a group of teenage boys, of course they’ll say a few wrong things here and there but for the most part, they aren’t that bad. Hell, I dont even like their music, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to incessantly hate on them just because of that. Not only that, but its incredibly rude to 5sos fans. Nobody likes it when others dis their favorite artists, so why is it suddenly okay to hate on 5sos? Because everyone else is doing it? No. Stop. Music is supposed to bring happiness. Its supposed to be a nice thing, so stop hating on others just for liking something you don’t.

As for the fact that fall out boy is collabing with them, why is it such a big deal? Either dont listen to whatever they put out or appreciate the fact that they’re making even more music for you. there are a lot of people who are very happy that two of their favorite artists are making a song together so please, don’t be that person to rain on their parade. its not making you look like a cool person, i promise you.

tl;dr: dont shit on fob and 5sos just because they’re collaborating. everyone just needs to shut up and be happy.