Wanna know what makes me really mad? The fact that Zayn was in the middle of the OTRA tour. There were so many fans who waited for about 5 years just to see him live. There were so many fans who cried themselves to sleep. So many people lost faith in everything. We all felt bad for him because he said that he didnt feel happy to have so much attention and stuff, that he wanted to get out of the spotlight because he was depressed.

But now all of a sudden he is probably in the studio recording his solo album .
This is not what a “normal 22 year old boy” does.
This is not “taking a break”

I feel like he lied to us all and left his 4 best friends, his 4 brothers. He’s known them 5 years but it feels like a lifetime, where as he’s known Naughty Boy for less then a year. The 4 boys had to change so much and learn Zayns part just so that he could go solo with Naughty Boy

But I will support the rest of the boys until the end because they are the ones who kept us together, they made us strong, they stayed by our side.
They boys stayed for us. They will continue their tour for us. They are making a fifth album for us. They know how much this means to us. So please please please do not throw out your OTRA tickets
As much as it hurts us, it also hurts the boys and they are trying their hardest to keep us happy.

One Direction isn’t the same without Zayn, but it doesnt mean that One Direction is over



I was like aww all the time on that part when Johnson yawns omg he’s so adorable

wow this video is so great…Andre did great


For aruellelite, who requested that I actually see through with my initial vision of Andy and Ellen making it rain on Felix - it’s finally finished! Sorry it took me so long (this is actually my third attempt), but I hope you like it. :)


Where the Black Widow? Why’d she get cut out of the Avengers Valentines Day cards? Trick question: we all know why.