So I’ve been thinking about it, and I want to say the Raven is a sister. Raven (Branwen) being the daughter of Qrow(Branwen) and “Yang’s Mom” while Yang(Xiao Long) is the daughter of “Yang’s Mom” and Taiyang(Xiao Long). Taiyang and Summer(Rose) would then be the parents of Ruby(Rose).

Qrow+Yang’s Mom=Raven
Yang’s Mom+Taiyang=Yang

That’s my theory.

Just saw a great fan theory pop up on the comments for RWBY Season 2: Episode 12.

All credit goes to RT user ForgedRain

“So this is just a guess but what if the whole point of the train/grimm attack was so that Ironwood would take over security. With Ironwood in charge i’m sure plenty more of those Atlesian Knights would be brought into vale. So what if Cinder installed a virus that could be sent out using Vale’s communication tower that would take control of said Atlesian Knight army, that thanks to Ironwood would be all over the city? It is certainly plausible that she could have access to a virus/program like this for whoever got torchwick those Paladin mechs probably also would be able to fork over a way to control the Atlesian Knights. Plus the pawn symbol that is displayed when the program was uploaded to the com tower could also indicate that it gives Cinder more pawns for her plans.

Also i feel that torchwich being captured and held prisoner by ironwood is also according to Cinder’s plans, which is to keep an agent as close to ironwood as possible for nefarious purposes. Possibly to incapacitate Ironwood and/or to keep Ironwood from stopping the take over of the Atlesian Knights.

This just leaves Cinder, Emerald and Mercury, who are in the perfect position to take out priority targets from Beacon from the inside. Which is supported by the meeting we see Cinder, Emerald and Mercury having after Mercury’s fight with Pyrrha. I’m thinking that they will focus on taking out the teachers and full huntsmen and only a few students such as Pyrrha and leave the rest of the students out assuming that they will not be much a problem to take out later.

Now all this build up has to be going to something right? Well it is. I’m assuming many of important people from all 4 kingdoms will be in Vale for the vytal festival, possibly even the leaders of the other nations. Thus the reason for all the extra security and what not. So what better way to make global demands than by kidnapping/killing all said important officials and taking over Vale with an army of Atlas’s Atlesian Knights supported by the white fang (led by Adam) and enough stolen dust and Paladins to arm them all to the teeth? We then see all the main characters busting their chops to kick some ass, which will most likely be awesome. 

Add my theory of events with the return of Adam and the appearance of the lady who saved Yang (Yang’s mom?) plus seeing everyone fighting in the vytal festival and i’m totally hyped for season 3. 

There are still some unknowns to this that i would like to know such as who was the contact that got Torchwick all those paladins and what is Penny’s role in all this. Penny was told she was built to save the world, so my question is, did Penny’s creator/father see this attack coming or is there something even darker and more sinister lurking farther in the future of the RWBY series? And of course who the heck is that lady that saved yang and if it is her mom then where the hell has she been?

xsailormobian said:

Ian Flynn once said taht, due to the parrallels between Sonic and DBZ, Silver may be related to Amy and Shadow. Personnally I don't think so, what about you ?

"All of the parallels"?

What? The Super forms and Emeralds? Because that’s all I’m seeing. Sonic and Shadow aren’t expies of Goku and Vegeta, there are a ton of male character relationships in media that are uneasy/less than friendly, Dragonball wasn’t the first to do it.

About Silver though. A big, fat, resounding no. There is so much compelling evidence that makes this fan theory to be utter hogwash.

anonymous said:

What do you think about the theory outlawqueen fans have that Roland is actually Regina's son whom she had with Robin in EF but Rumple made her forget because he wanted her to cast the curse so he made it like Marian is his mother. I read whole long post about it with lots of good arguments but one of those is that Regina and Roland resemblance is huge but I think he looks more like Marian.

I saw that. I think it’s incredibly outlandish. And people accuse SQ of grasping at straws!? Lol


You might have got the impression that there is a little bit more to Aunt Petunia than meets the eye, and you will find out what it is. She is not a squib, although that is a very good guess. Oh, I am giving a lot away here. I am being shockingly indiscreet." - J.K. Rowling.

If the reveal had been that Petunia was a witch ~ Several years after the war, Harry tracks his aunt down to confront her with what he witnessed in the pensieve.


The events of Django Unchained begin in 1858. Dr. King Schultz says he quit dentistry 5 years ago to become a bounty hunter, but it isn’t mentioned why. The most obvious answer, however, is that his wife, Paula, left him, and he was so devastated that he took up a profession he would never think about otherwise, the profession that would ultimately lead to his death in 1859. His former wife slowly realizes her mistake in leaving Dr. King, and after 6 years apart, seeks him out, only to find he’s been killed at the hands of Calvin Candie. Devastated, faulting herself, she never remarries, keeping her ex-husbands name, and finally dies, alone, in 1893, when she is buried in the Lonely Grave of Paula Schultz, the same grave Beatrix Kiddo will escape from more than 100 years later.

Old Tom Bombadil. Possibly the least liked character in The Lord of the Rings. A childish figure so disliked by fans of the book that few object to his absence from all adaptations of the story. And yet, there is another way of looking at Bombadil, based only on what appears in the book itself, that paints a very different picture of this figure of fun.

What do we know about Tom Bombadil? He is fat and jolly and smiles all the time. He is friendly and gregarious and always ready to help travellers in distress.

Except that none of that can possibly be true.

Consider: By his own account (and by Elrond’s surprisingly sketchy knowledge) Bombadil has lived in the Old Forest since before the hobbits came to the Shire. Since before Elrond was born. Since the earliest days of the First Age.

And yet no hobbit has ever heard of him.

The guise in which Bombadil appears to Frodo and his companions is much like a hobbit writ large. He loves food and songs and nonsense rhymes and drink and company. Any hobbit who saw such a person would tell tales of him. Any hobbit who was rescued by Tom would sing songs about him and tell everyone else. Yet Merry – who knows all the history of Buckland and has ventured into the Old Forest many times – has never heard of Tom Bombadil. Frodo and Sam – avid readers of old Bilbo’s lore – have no idea that any such being exists, until he appears to them. All the hobbits of the Shire think of the Old Forest as a place of horror – not as the abode of a jolly fat man who is surprisingly generous with his food.

If Bombadil has indeed lived in the Old Forest all this time – in a house less than twenty miles from Buckland – then it stands to reason that he has never appeared to a single hobbit traveller before, and has certainly never rescued one from death. In the 1400 years since the Shire was settled.

What do we know about Tom Bombadil? He is not what he seems.

Elrond, the greatest lore-master of the Third Age, has never heard of Tom Bombadil. Elrond is only vaguely aware that there was once someone called Iarwain Ben-Adar (“Oldest and Fatherless”) who might be the same as Bombadil. And yet, the main road between Rivendell and the Grey Havens passes not 20 miles from Bombadil’s house, which stands beside the most ancient forest in Middle Earth. Has no elf ever wandered in the Old Forest or encountered Bombadil in all these thousands of years? Apparently not.

Gandalf seems to know more, but he keeps his knowledge to himself. At the Council of Elrond, when people suggest sending the Ring to Bombadil, Gandalf comes up with a surprisingly varied list of reasons why that should not be done. It is not clear that any of the reasons that he gives are the true one.

Now, in his conversation with Frodo, Bombadil implies (but avoids directly stating) that he had heard of their coming from Farmer Maggot and from Gildor’s elves (both of whom Frodo had recently described). But that also makes no sense. Maggot lives west of the Brandywine, remained there when Frodo left, and never even knew that Frodo would be leaving the Shire. And if Elrond knows nothing of Bombadil, how can he be a friend of Gildor’s?

What do we know about Tom Bombadil? He lies.

A question: what is the most dangerous place in Middle Earth? First place goes to the Mines of Moria, home of the Balrog, but what is the second most dangerous place? Tom Bombadil’s country.
By comparison, Mordor is a safe and well-run land, where two lightly-armed hobbits can wander for days without meeting anything more dangerous than themselves. Yet the Old Forest and the Barrow Downs, all part of Tom’s country, are filled with perils that would tax anyone in the Fellowship except perhaps Gandalf.

Now, it is canonical in Tolkein that powerful magical beings imprint their nature on their homes. Lorien under Galadriel is a place of peace and light. Moria, after the Balrog awoke, was a place of terror to which lesser evil creatures were drawn. Likewise, when Sauron lived in Mirkwood, it became blighted with evil and a home to monsters.

And then, there’s Tom Bombadil’s Country.

The hobbits can sense the hatred within all the trees in the Old Forest. Every tree in that place is a malevolent huorn, hating humankind. Every single tree. And the barrows of the ancient kings that lie nearby are defiled and inhabited by Barrow-Wights. Bombadil has the power to control or banish all these creatures, but he does not do so. Instead, he provides a refuge for them against men and other powers. Evil things – and only evil things – flourish in his domain. “Tom Bombadil is the master” Goldberry says. And his subjects are black huorns and barrow wights.

What do we know about Tom Bombadil? He is not the benevolent figure that he pretends to be.

Tom appears to the Ringbearer in a friendly, happy guise, to question and test him and to give him and his companions swords that can kill the servants of another evil power. But his motives are his own.

Consider: it is said more than once that the willows are the most powerful and evil trees in the Forest. Yet, the rhyme that Bombadil teaches the hobbits to use in conjuring up Bombadil himself includes the line, “By the reed and willow.” The willows are a part of Bombadil’s power and a means of calling on him. They draw their strength from the cursed river Withywindle, the centre of all the evil in the Forest.

And the springs of the Withywindle are right next to Tom Bombadil’s house.

And then there is Goldberry, “the river-daughter”. She is presented as Bombadil’s wife, an improbably beautiful and regal being who charms and beguiles the hobbits. It is implied that she is a water spirit, and she sits combing her long, blonde hair after the manner of a mermaid. (And it is worth remembering that mermaids were originally seen as monsters, beautiful above the water, slimy and hideous below, luring sailors to drown and be eaten.) But I suggest the name means that in her true state, Goldberry is nourished by the River – that is, by the proverbially evil Withywindle.

In folklore and legend (as Tolkien would know well) there are many tales of creatures that can take on human form but whose human shape always contains a clue to their true nature. So what might Goldberry be? She is tall and slender - specifically she is “slender as a willow wand”. She wears a green dress, sits amidst bowls of river water and is surrounded by the curtain of her golden hair. I suggest that she is a Willow tree conjured into human form, a malevolent huorn like the Old Man Willow from whom the hobbits have just escaped. If she is not indeed the same tree.

So, if this is true, then why does Bombadil save and help the ringbearer and his companions? Because they can bring about the downfall of Sauron, the current Dark Lord of Middle Earth. When Sauron falls, the other rings will fail and the wizards and elves will leave Middle Earth and the only great power that is left will be Bombadil.

There is a boundary around Bombadil’s country that he cannot or will not pass, something that confines him to a narrow space. And in return, no wizard or elf comes into his country to see who rules it, or to disturb the evil creatures that gather under his protection.

When the hobbits return to the Shire after their journey to Mordor, Gandalf leaves them close to Bree and goes towards Bombadil’s country to have words with him. We do not know what they say. But Gandalf was sent to Middle Earth to contend against Sauron and now he must depart. He has been given no mission to confront Bombadil and he must soon leave Middle Earth to powerless men and hobbits, while Bombadil remains, waiting to fulfill his purpose.

Do I think that Tolkien planned things in this way? Not at all, but I find it an interesting speculation.

To speculate further and more wildly:

The spell that binds Bombadil to his narrow and cursed country was put in place centuries ago by the Valar to protect men and elves. It may last a few decades more, perhaps a few generations of hobbit lives. But when the last elf has gone from the havens and the last spells of rings and wizards unravel, then it will be gone. And Iarwain Ben-Adar, Oldest and Fatherless, who was ruler of the darkness in Middle Earth before Sauron was, before Morgoth set foot there, before the first rising of the sun, will come into his inheritance again. And one dark night the old trees will march westward into the Shire to feed their ancient hatred. And Bombadil will dance down amongst them, clad in his true shape at last, singing his incomprehensible rhymes as the trees mutter their curses and the black and terrible Barrow-Wights dance and gibber around him. And he will be smiling.

Wild speculation is the best and this is great.

5 Crazy Fan Theories That Make Total Sense

The chipper, cheery mascot of the Fallout series has always been Vault Boy, the blonde-haired, bright-smiled lad giving a big thumbs up and a delightful wink, in stark contrast to the horrible post-nuclear war dystopian future the game plops you in. But WHY exactly is he giving you a thumbs up? And is there an explanation for what he’s doing that makes more sense than a jokey contrast between retro-optimism vs. current misery? As you can probably tell from the tone of the article so far, there totally is.

There’s an old rule in Nuclear Bomb Safety Instructions that says, essentially:  

"If you see a nuclear explosion on the horizon, stick out your thumb at arms length. If your thumb covers the explosion completely, you’re at a safe distance from the explosion. If your thumb does not cover the explosion, run like hell."

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Five Nights at Freddy's theory

So, if you hadn’t guessed, I’ve been a bit into Five Nights at Freddy’s, the brilliant indie horror game made by Scott Cawthon. You, a security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (imagine if Chuck E. Cheese were made in the innermost circle of hell), must protect yourself from the animatronic figures that roam the facility at night. Employing a unique sense of horror, Five Nights at Freddy’s induces paranoia and fear on an unprecedented level, by completely denying your sense of fight or flight, as you can neither fight these animatrons, or run from them, and giving you extremely limited resources to accomplish your goal of lasting five nights.


Several statements by the creator, plus in-game evidence, have proven that the animatrons are actually haunted by the spirits of five children who died by a security guard (or Freddy himself), and the bodies were stuffed into the animatronic suits. I, however, have a different, more tech-oriented theory regarding the events at Freddy Fazbears Pizza.

It’s established very early on in the game that the animatrons will not recognize you as a person if they see you, and thus, your untimely, grisly demise is very imminent. On top of this, you’re entirely incapable of moving from one spot, and the UI remains regardless of if you’re looking at the camera or not. Combined with the fact that your death leads to a cut video feed, this all culminates to one thought.

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American Horror Story: Season 5 Theory

So an article was released recently that talks about potential clues in the first two episodes of American Horror Story: Freak Show (You can find it here) In which Ryan Murphy states that “there are clues in the first two episodes because I figured out season 5 very early on and I know that the fans love that.”

So I think i’ve found and pieced together using this tweet a unique idea for Season 5.

It’s about space.

1) The lead, Jessica Lange, plays a character named Elsa Mars.

2) The main setting for Freak Show takes place in Jupiter, Florida.

3) This may be a stretch, but Freak Show is set in 1952, which is eerily close to the 1947 Roswell Incident that took place in New Mexico (And with New Mexico being a potential location for future filming, there’s definitely something here.)

4) During the first episode of Freak Show, I remember a conversation between Ethel and Jimmy Darling (Kathy Bates and Evan Peters, respectively) that suggested one could "make a life on a farm, living off of the land". This is a loose interpretation of the quote as I’ve yet to back and watch it, but the meaning remains the same. This directly suggests a theme based on frontier life instead of urban dwelling, which points to a New Mexico themed Season as well.

5) The entire musical piece by Jessica Lange in “Monsters Among Us” was LITERALLY a song called "Life on Mars?", by David Bowie, hinting at a possible alien theme for next year. (But maybe more in depth than the alien theme that occurred in asylum, which i’ll get to later.)

6) This is also merely speculation, but the presence of Pepper in AHS: Freak Show proves that at least two seasons (Asylum and Freak Show) are linked in the same universe. This also suggests that the aliens from Asylum might make a comeback in a future season as they were left relatively unexplored in Asylum.

7) Also, some pictures that could hint at this fact (thanks to this awesome fan who took these screenshots!):


I noticed this when watching as well. Elsa’s landlord’s tie looks strangely reminiscent of a solar system model!


This one might be a stretch, but this lamp looks like a UFO as well!

Note: This is just a little theory of mine, if I missed anything or if you have something to add on, please reblog and share your theory as well! I cannot wait to see how Freak Show turns out!

Ever stop and ask yourself how he learned to use that bazooka?

6 Awesome Theories That Totally Change Famous Characters

#6. Heath Ledger’s Joker Was Probably a Soldier

Throughout the movie, the Joker shows remarkable comfort with military-grade weaponry like grenades, explosives, and machine guns, and after extensive Googling followed by a visit from two very nice federal agents, I can tell you that you can’t learn how to use that stuff from the Internet. … And unless the Joker grew up in the city from the GTA games, the only place he could have practiced that is the military.

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 I haven’t noticed any posts circulating about this so I thought I would make one. I noticed this little chunk of text in Aranea’s exposition on Latula (Pre-Scratch Pyrope). 

 She refers to the process of culling in Beforan society.

Culling of course means something quite different on Beforus. It means she would have been selected by a member of a higher caste for adoption, and coddled excessively.

This very interesting fact about Beforus and it’s structure can be inferred from this.

Trolls were raised by other Trolls on Beforan society.

This can lead to a lot of theories in my opinion.

  1. Lusii were established by Doc Scratch through his influence of Alternia. Their apparent absence on Beforus means that they were a uniquely Alternian trait.( Some lovely people have pointed out that Latula did in fact have a lusus, as such I now believe that Lusii had an influence on Beforus. I still think that they were raised by Trolls as Lusii have never been referred to by castes. I blame all mistakes on sleep deprivation)
  2. Kankri was potentially (Pre-Scratch Guardians are unnacounted for) raised by a Jadeblood(s), as such he has a familial bond with Porrim. Hence his equation of a sexual relationship between them being incestual. 
  3. This is why Porrim and Kankri have a rocky relationship, it is sibling rivalry. Which is adorable
  4. Kankri acts so condescending because he was highly spoiled as a child. Typical bratty teen. He is smart and aware enough to have good ideas but lacking the humility to accept others opinons.

I missed being able to make ridiculous theories so much. It feels so good to type inane gibberish again.

Courage the Cowardly Dog theory

Fan theories can be very entertaining, but one that I’ve never felt totally made sense were the theories on Courage the Cowardly Dog, that messed-up, creepy kid’s show from like 10 years ago.  The most common theory is that the show takes place in hell, and though this seems plausible, I wanted to share what I’ve believed all along.  What if there’s nothing wrong with Courage’s situation at all; we’re just getting a dog’s view of his own world?  Dogs only know what they’re visually exposed to, which for Courage would only be the inside of his house (since his owners are elderly, it makes sense that they don’t take him for walks or let him get to know the neighborhood), so everything else is just emptiness.  The creepy people who come over are actually totally normal, as Courage’s owners see them, but because dogs can be wary of new people and have an instinct to protect their owners, Courage just assumes they’re evil.  The show simply portrays one theory on how skittish dogs percieve the world.  Possible?