hi this is fambure and even though i promised my girlfriend i’d draw her bears i have not touched paint tool sai since i re-downloaded it nearly two weeks ago. send me asks and tell me to draw my girlfriend bears.


This is infinitely funny to me at 5 in the morning.

anonymous asked:

Listen. i have seen the future and you are a horrible tyrant. how do you suspect this has occurred, milord?

Oooooh, my first unprovoked Anon!

I’d say a long campaign of blindly ignoring the needs of whatever subjects I’d have before that autocracy occurs? I don’t have any subjects though, so I guess that’s not happening any time soon, oh mighty seer-Anon.

"themrock started following you"

Whoa! I guess I really should start posting more art. My “cool-people-who-I-found-through-tumblr-who-are-following-me” count is up to two!