a.k.a. Pepcid.
I have been using this with Conker for a bit, off and on. I gave it to him for a few weeks straight, then began to use it every now and then, to see if it was actually helping or not. It seems to be in some way or another.
Today Conker refused to eat half of his food (Nature’s Variety Instinct chicken) even when soaked in a raw egg and raw milk. He lapped up the milk and egg but left the kibble. He does this often with various foods, and it was the third day in a row that he’s refused to finish his meal.
So I gave him a 10 mg tablet of generic famotidine, waited a bit, then offered him some plain EVO Red Meat (which he had refused earlier) and Canidae PURE Elements (which he’d also refused). He ate them both. Which either means that the famotidine works, of Conker is just being an ass.