Family Service (Pentecost) - 24th May 2015

It was family service time again this morning. As it is a bank holiday weekend at the beginning of a half term it was a fairly quiet affair but hey, who cares, those who were there had fun so it seems all good to me.

Below you’ll find a picture of the order of service and my incredibly scrappy notes about the mini talk I did.

I based the service around Acts 2 verse 4,

“All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.”

The service started with a couple of songs and the notices, offering and all the usual church gubbins. After all that We told the story of Pentecost from Acts Chapter 2 using children as the disciples and teenagers with large bits of cardboard to create wind and the rest of the congregation as the crowd. There was some shouting and silliness and everyone got a reward sweet for taking part so all in all I think it went rather well.

Next I got the children making some flames from paper and tissue paper that we were going to use later. this is primarily to give them something to do while I do the mini talk but to keep them involved I had them doing the craft at the front and referred to them regularly.

For the talk I wanted to get over the message that like on Pentecost the people heard the message in their own language so today we all hear the Good news in our own way I played various different styles of Christian Music to show our differences  but we are all part of the same family.

From this sort of thing…

to this…

After this bit of talk we had a reflection in which the congregation came to the front and took one of the flames the children had made wrote their name on it and stuck it to a board to construct a church fire to show that we, as a congregation, are on fire for the lord and filled with the Holy spirit.

We finished with a rousing rendition of Thine be the Glory and to celebrate the anniversary of the Christian Church we let of party poppers and balloons amongst the congregation.

It was chaotic and messy but so much fun and the whole service I found a real encouragement.

God Bless all.

Update from Georgia Autism Speaks

That would be expensive - Sure! Georgia is a very special market in that half of what we raise goes back to our partner the Marcus Autism Center! We can share with you further about grants we have funded here locally to help those on the spectrum. Hope the weather is well across the pond! 

So….shall we email them, tumblrites?

Autism Speaks starts to listen

Or the Georgia Chapter does, anyway.  Their email address is

Don’t feel safe contacting the main org?