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Family vacation || Hendall feat. Madelyn

Kendall was very excited about the family vacation that Harry organized for the three of them, plus Kylie and Jaden. When she called her younger sister, the girl said she’d go if someone else could come and luckily Jaden was all up for it. Kendall dressed Madelyn in a cute onesie and a skirt her mom bought her right after she ate and then dressed herself in some shorts and a cute shirt as they were going to spend few hours in the plane and she wanted to be as comfortable as it gets. “Kylie and Jaden will meet us there, my mom will drive them there.” She said looking at Harry as she gave Madelyn her pacifer. “I was thinking I should stay in the car with Maddie while you go and hand over our suitcases and then you come back for us. I don’t want papz or fans to scary her more then necessary” She sighed knowing they’ll be crowded at the airport.


Twin Palms (Montego Bay, Jamaica) resembles a Romanesque palace overlooking a fairy tale garden. The villa is fronted by seven connecting pools of varying depths that flow ingeniously from one to the next. The children’s pool is shallow, the adults’ long and deep, while the whirlpools bubble. Part of the famed Tryall Golf Club, this lavish destination offers unique views of the championship course below.

The villa includes a small gym, home entertainment system and bar. During the design process, special attention was given to families. A unique children’s playroom features ping pong, foosball, books, board games and craft materials. The resplendent formal dining areas are surely the best place for those special announcements. The villa features a full, friendly and professional staff who will happily attend to your needs and individual requests.

Expert architecture and execution have created one of the finest private homes in the Caribbean. The immaculate interior includes suede, linen, lime-washed walls, mahogany, leather, marble and slate. Elegant furnishings and light fixtures were imported from the United States and Italy. While all living spaces are designed on one level, a spiral staircase leads up nineteen steps to a breathtaking sky loft on a breezy deck with a 270 degree ocean view.

Seven celestial bedrooms accommodate up to sixteen fortunate guests at Twin Palms. Each bedroom includes en-suite bathroom, air conditioner and flat screen TV. While each bedroom is decorated according to its own color and decorative theme, the stately beds are pristinely adorned with the finest white linens. The stunning views are lush and enticing.

Tryall Club has been rated by Condé Nast as one of the top destinations in the world. Membership to the Tryall Club includes access to the eighteen hole golf course, tennis courts, fitness center and a beach with cafe. Fit for a king and remarkable for entertaining, the villa is designed to accommodate families and friends in extraordinary comfort and exquisite style. You and your lucky entourage will feel like heroes in a period piece during your stay at Twin Palms due to its magnificent design, decor and attention to choice refinement.

Disney wrap-up post

Traveling with a group isn’t easy. Especially when your group is made up of three generations with different needs, wants and stamina levels. There were some moments of

and when we wanted to say

but we were usually able to remember the point of the trip

Disney may be the happiest place on earth, but it’s also full of hot, sweaty, exhausted people. So everywhere you look, there are screaming toddlers, crying children and arguing adults. On the whole, I think our group did quite well. Jeremy and I are used to traveling at our own pace…well honestly we are used to doing everything at our own pace…haha…so it helped that we were able to break away from the group every now and then to do our own thing. Mom and Dad wore themselves out on the first day, so they tried to take it easy and not do open-to-close again for the rest of the trip. And it was just too much for the kids to be there all day. Jeremy and I like to think we can conquer the world on vacation, so we started early each day, having breakfast just the two of us then heading to the parks first thing. Our group met up around lunch time each day.

Most of the locals told us that Summer weather had come early to Florida, but really it wasn’t too bad. High 80′s, low 90′s, 10000% humidity. ;) But we know it could have been worse (rainier or hotter) so we tried to count our blessings. And even though there were people everywhere you turned, the longest we ever waited for a ride was 30 minutes. (The longest line we waited in was about an hour to meet Baymax.)

Olivia had been looking forward to riding all of the “thrill rides” with Jeremy and I, but she quickly discovered that she hated roller coasters after we rode Big Thunder Mountain. But that’s the same moment we discovered Jack LOVED roller coasters, so we all just had to switch our expectations and it worked out fine. (She did still insist on riding Splash Mountain with Lauren, Jeremy, Jack and I but immediately started freaking out when the ride began to move. With her crying “No Mommy no!” and hearing Lauren cheerfully tell her “honey it’s not a scary ride! It’s ok!” I had flashbacks of our own Mom comforting Lauren on roller coasters when we were little. haha What goes around comes around I guess!)

Sam was the best sport for the whole trip. We wonder how much he understood and if he thought we’d all lost our flippin’ minds with this crazy change to his routine, but for the most part he was happy to be along for the ride. After Star Tours scared the crap out of him (pretty sure he thought we were really being eaten alive by the sea creature that grabs the ship) we stuck to the mellow rides and musical attractions for him.

Dad pulled out all the stops for this incredible trip, so we were very well fed on the Disney Dining Plan. After our first meal at the resort when Jeremy realized he could order ALL THE FOOD, he was determined to use up every meal and snack we were allotted. We gave it our best go. ;) But we still failed! SO MUCH FOOD! Breakfast! Snack! Lunch! Dessert! Snack! Snack! Dinner! Dessert! Snack! AAAAAH!

I have to give Jeremy a huge shout out. With the exception of Animal Kingdom day when we both woke up with a major case of the grouchies, he was a complete saint. He had such a good attitude about everything, stayed upbeat, talked me out of a couple of close-call moody moments, rode rides he couldn’t have cared less about without a single complaint (hey there Winnie the Pooh) and held hands with Jack throughout the ENTIRE trip even though I know he cannot stand holding sweaty, clammy hands. :) He also maintained his running plan and got up early most days to run a few miles before we walked dozens of miles at the parks each day. Talk about Mr. Incredible! Love him completely.

And since I know my Dad sometimes checks in on my blog, I want to give him a shout out too. Thank you so much for this fantastic family vacation, Daddy!! You put so much of your heart into this with all of your planning and generosity and I want you to know that it showed. You have always spoiled us and this was the epitome of luxury for us! I hope you had fun too. We love you!