((I’m still at the beach yay!!! And of course the only proper thing to do at the beach is come up with hs headcanons

Now lets pretend that the sun doesn’t burn trolls alive; if that’s the case then highbloods probably get all tan and freckly in the sun. On the flip side, lowbloods…well, the sun would burn them anyways))

Picture (gif) of the day:

Aghh this is so adorable it breaks my heart 

I mean just look at Jensen’s face and how he is happy and laughing.

And then look at Misha’s face and how he laughs when Jensen pushes him away 

Agh Cockles and Destiel this is killing me with feels

Supernatural <3 <3


Despite Dean and Charlie re-acting every epic scene of the movie above him, Cas enjoyed Star Wars.

It began the tradition : every sunday, they would watch a film to fill Cas’s lack of culture, chosen in the evergroing pile everyone was happy to contribute to. Until one horrible week, when Cas understood who was Kayser Söze in the first thirty minutes of the film. Everybody was so chocked that Cas manage to force Disney on them for the next three times.

After they fall - A Supernatural fancomic

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