OMG you guys! I’m having the biggest fgm ever! This promo pic from the originals 2x09 is too cute to handle! This is such a genuine moment of Hayley and Klaus and I can’t take it! It’s a beautiful pic!

These days I’m so loving the originals like woah! The story only gets better and better and even though I miss Rebekah like crazy and I wished Nate would play Kol again, the show is better then ever. (Don’t get me wrong: new Kol is amazing as well) Sometimes I even like the originals better than the vampire diaries! This was basically just a post so I could fangirl over the best family picture of the century! 😍😍



To leader-nim’s most trusted confidante, Park Yong In, may you rest in peace. We know you will be in good hands, so please..please guide your treasured son, our most beloved leader- Park Jung Su 

Also, our deepest condolences to his grandparents who died in the same car accident.