I have made a new post because it needed revamped :) Also, commissions will be open well probably forever. The prices are as low as possible considering how much time I put into them (because i know how it is to be low on money!)

Detailed Portraits -

Detailed portraits are $30 and $40 for the addition of another person. 
E.g. (x)  (x)  (x)  (x)

Simple Portraits - 

Simple Portraits are $20 and $27 for addition of another person.
E.g. (x)  (x)  (x)  (x)

Pencil/Pen Drawings -

Pencil drawings are $35 (no extra for colour splash) and $35 for full colour. (If you want to add an extra person send me a message)
For $50 I will do the drawing and send it to you (location irrelevant), $55 for full colour. 
E.g (x)  (x)  (x)

Quick Sketches - The post for sketch commissions is here

For anything else - I Will do full body drawings E.g. (x)  (x) or something like this (x) Just message me about these and we can discuss prices depending on what you would like.

So, if you do want a commission simply message me at theridingcropsart or startingwiththeridingcrop telling me what you want and we can go from there.
Payments are easy to do and sort out so there isn’t any hassle either :)

All digital drawings (except sketches) will be 1000px wide and all pencil drawing are A4 unless discussed otherwise.

Even if you aren’t planning on buying a commission or are wanting one at a later date it would mean a lot if you could still reblog this post to spread the word, thank you! :3

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Blake Shelton brought a military family out on stage, September 6, 2014, in San Diego, and gave the USO a $10,000 JCP card, then sang “Home” with the family on stage.

Today At the Leviticus Lobby (aka Homophobes, Hate Groups, Hate Speech and Hate Crimes)


Wednesday’s links to antigay whiners, liars, luddites and losers:

Colorado GOP Contender and Disgraced Former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt:  Satan Is Silencing God’s Prophets Through Ex-Gay Therapy Bans (video)

Fox’s Sean Hannity Worries Charging NFL’s Adrian Peterson With Child Abuse Could Impinge On Right T o Teach Kids ‘Being Gay Is Not Normal’ (audio)

Alabama:  Mother Attempts To Deny Her Dad Son’s Husband His Estate

North Carolina: Gay Wake Forest Sports Fans Question Antigay Radio Affiliation 

Louisiana:  GOP Governor Bobby Jindal Won’t Condemn ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson’s Latest Antigay Rant (video)

Brietbart Asks:  Have They Cut Chelsea Manning’s Penis Off Yet?

Hate Group Mission America’s Sandy Rios Cites Hoax Story To Warn Of Scourge Of Mother-Daughter Couples (audio)

Tennessee:  Loving Christian “Serves the Lord’ With Billboard Calling Gays ‘Abomination’ (video)

Wisconsin:  Teen GOP Candidate Quits Race After More Homophobic, Racist Comments Emerge

Scamvangelist Pat Robertson:  ’Girl-On-Girl Moves’ Make Young People Think They’re Gay (video)

Wyoming:  Why Is A State Historical Society Honoring A Discredited Book About Matthew Shepard?

Southern Baptist Preacher and Georgia GOP Contender:  Same-Sex Spouses Are Just ‘Companions’ (audio)

Missouri:  Study Indicates Same-Sex Marriage Ban Hurts State’s Economy

Glenn Beck’s Self-Serving and Incoherent Standard Of Antigay ‘Hate’ (video)

New York:  Psychofuck Preacher’s Wild ‘Rectum’ Rant Shows NASA Voyager Probe Proved ‘Homos’ Are Perverts (video)

Philadelphia:  Police Release Surveillance Video Of ‘Clean Cut’ Gang Involved In Antigay Hate Crime

Twitter Sleuth Tracks Down Philly Antigay Attackers

Hate Group American Family Association of Indiana Pissed With Judges Allowing Gay Partners To Be Listed As ‘Spouse’ On Death Certificates

Hate Group  Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins: ‘Counter-Insurgency Needed’ To Stop ‘Homo-Activism’

'Ex-Gay' Movie Star Tells Lady Gaga To 'Shut Up' (video)

Here’s How the Founder Of Two Of America’s Top Antigay Groups Spreads Fear and Hate

Misogyny and Homophobia In the NFL:  Is America’s Crisis of Masculinity Playing Out In Its Favorite Sport?

Right-Wing Rag BarbWire:  God Will Avenge the Rise Of LGBT Rights

Hate Group National Organization for Marriage Needs Your Donations

Connecticut:  Trans Teen Jane Doe Found After Escaping Program

Wisconsin:  ACLU Files New Lawsuit Seeking Recognition Of Same-Sex Marriages 

Iowa:  GOP Governor Terry Branstad Ducks Question About Gay Discrimination Suit By Saying He’s Not Ducking the Question

Southern Baptist Conventions Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s Summit Features ‘Ex-Gay’ Speaker Who Equates Talking To Gay People With Talking To Cancer Patients (video)

France:  Children Raised By Gay Couples Become Orphans, Says Prominent Antigay Activist

ISIS Describes Gays As Pedophiles, ‘The Worst of Creatures’ (video)

Exporting Homophobia:  Human Rights Campaign Exposes Extreme Antigay American Activists Promoting Hate and Bigotry Abroad

Bangladesh:  United Nations Rights For Lesbian and Gay People Will Be Vetoed

Hey, Magic Man Family!
For those interested in Justine’s birthday project, the deadline is on the 20th which is in a few days! Please send in your pics wearing her necklace to mmfbdayproject@yahoo.com. Honestly, I’ve only received 4 pictures so far and would love to gather more to show our appreciation. <3

Please spread the word and take a selfie for Justine. ;)

Racist White Guy Taunts Immigrant Family By Plastering Graphic Porn Images On His Window Next Door (VIDEO)

Racist White Guy Taunts Immigrant Family By Plastering Graphic Porn Images On His Window Next Door (VIDEO)

Another day, another disgusting act of intimidation and hatred from a white guy against a family of immigrants.

In New York City of all places, a man in Queens Village is trying to force his next door neighbors to move away by sticking obscene images on his windowfor all to see. So, when the Indian family next door steps out on their balcony, that’s what they see. Even their children are exposed…

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leaving daddy calum in charge of picking the kids up from school and he gets so excited he shows up outside the kindergarten class half an hour early to peek at his kid through the window making funny faces at them until the teacher has to go outside and tell him to stop because he’s distracting the whole class

Aqui eu venho, aqui eu venho homem de família. Eu venho para infectar, eu vim para estuprar suas mulheres, Eu venho para levar seus filhos para a rua. Eu venho para você homem de família…


Happy 82nd Birthday Peter Seamus O’Toole!

August 2nd 1932 - December 14th 2013

Thank you for giving us some of film history’s most memorable characters. You have touched the lives of the young and the old alike with your magnificent, theatric aura. No actor can ever touch upon the grace you showed on and off screen/stage.

Here’s to the great and legendary hellraiser!

I will not be a common man. I will stir the smooth sands of monotony.”  

(-Peter O’Toole’s pledge to himself from his childhood journals.)