“Billie Joe & I met in my home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 4, 1990. Four years later on July 2, 1994 we married in the backyard of our Berkeley, CA home. We have been on an epic adventure ever since – raising kids and animals, creating a home, working and traveling and experiencing the many ups, downs & in-betweens of life together as a family.

As our 20 year wedding anniversary was approaching, I knew I wanted to get him a vintage Airstream.  We had talked about getting one over the years and how fun it would be to travel the coast, stopping at surf breaks along the way. I started looking online for interior ideas and Miranda Lambert’s and Dierks Bentley’s Airstreams kept coming up in image searches.  So I tracked down The Junk Gypsies. I would have tried to do the project myself but I didn’t know the first thing about Airstreams. I was hoping they could fix it up and make it work for him. This has been such a fun experience working with them. They truly got  what I wanted to do for Billie Joe. To create a surf shack on wheels.  A cozy, laid back space to hang out & drink his morning coffee while  listening  to his favorite records. This cute baby is going to be with us for this next chapter in our family adventure.  And I am so grateful to Amie & Jolie for making this happen.

“I have a 21 year old older brother (Korean age).”

“Is there anything that changed about your brother after he became an adult?”

“He comes home late. That’s all. Because he drinks late into the night. My mom tolerates it and tells him to come home anyway, so he comes..”

“What do you think when you see that? Are you jealous?”

“I think, please grow up…”

“전 21살 된 오빠가 있어요.”

“오빠가 성인이 되고 달라진 게 있어요?”

“늦게 들어와요. 그것 말곤 없어요. 술 마시느라 그래요. 엄마가 그래도 웬만하면 집에 들어오라고 하니까 들어오는데..”

“그거 보면 어떤 생각이 들어요? 부러워요?”

“나이 먹고 참..”

C: I wish I could confide more in my mom. I don’t have any friends really, so it would be nice if I could talk to my mom about more intimate things not just sex, but insecurities and really be vulnerable with her. But I know that I can’t because she always throws my insecurities, vulnerabilities and confessions against me in any argument or discretion I may get myself into. Didn’t do the dishes. *Throws insecurity in my face* Gets bad grade in school. “Well if you weren’t so worried about xyz..“

I learned that the hard way when she did this to me all throughout middle and grammar school to me when I was being heavily bullied and by the time high school came around she was pretty much throwing the same daggers at me from middle school. I tried confiding in her about my bisexuality but she just wasn’t having it and made me feel like a fool. That was almost 6 years ago and still haven’t brought it up. So now, I don’t tell her anything. We get along mostly but I know that it’s only until a certain point. I can’t confide in her and really talk to her in an emotionally intimate way.

I promise that if I ever have children I will strive to never be this way with them, especially with my daughter. I promise I won’t shove their their confidential secrets in their face when I’m mad at them or they’re not acting the way I want them to.

Con/Anon: My mom’s sisters treats her so bad. They never include her or us in any family gatherings or never tell us about any of their children’s successes. I know it hurts her feelings so bad, so I kind of hate them for it. Me and my siblings appreciate her so much for what she had done for us throughout our lives, but it hurts me to see her longing for her sisters’ love. Me and our siblings are her family, and I wish she could see that and forget about them. I know, that’s very selfish of me.

“mother & son” - Temari & Shikadai

recently i have reads many of shikatema fanfiction and now really like about their family theme (shikatemadai). It’s really cute ahahah ^q^ If u guys has many fic about them, please tell me X///D I’ll read it!! /slap 

that’s why many drawing about shikatemadai on my twitter XD