Mortimer Goth was dead.

He had left her a small something in his will. Pascal had been there when she opened the letter, but when she said nothing, neither did he.

She had known this was coming, that she had seen him for the last time. She didn’t feel sad, just… empty.

Even though her memories had come flooding back, she felt more identityless than the day she found herself in Strangetown with no concept of who she was at all.

She tried to focus on what she had. Pascal. There were still moments of fun… She always initiated them, of course. But he was so focused on learning all that he could. This was nothing new to her, Mortimer had been the same way, but yet… not. Not to the exclusion of everything else.

There was her witchcraft. She poured herself into it, heart and soul. She kept her familiar close, a constant reminder of who she was. But it didn’t feel like enough. She didn’t know the woman staring back at her in the mirror. It was time for a change.

so uh i drew you crenny if thats cool

you cant tell but craigs hiding under the cash register at the pet store


god these are cute cute cute wow i’m so happy just…like…

Craig hiding under the counter playing with pets instead of tending to the register like a good employee is my new favorite thing like

and Kenny knows exactly where to find him every time no matter where he hides and he always pops up and makes some sort of annoying animal pun based on who he’s playing with that day like “i thought i saw you slither under here” and “you’re lucky i’m not the kinda guy who’d rat you out.” and Craig just like goD daMN IT kENNY

As it turns out, MattressHunt is delayed. The good news? YOU GET ME TODAY

Well first you get my Ask Box. I’m going all the way to the bottom and cleaning this thing out of person items, Asks that don’t need answers, things I can answer quickly, and submissions. Because someone has to take control of this situation, and since that cloning thing continues to fail, I guess it’ll have to be Me Prime. I have like a hundred new things in there from this weekend I’m not even reading yet. Clean first! Exciting new things after. I WILL BRIBE MYSELF IF I MUST.

Then after that, Episode 181. I want to finish today. I would also like a personal badger familiar, if any wish-granting fairies happen to be listening.

anonymous said:

Usually when I watch interviews of people who worked with dan aykroyd they call him danny. And they sometimes listed him as danny in the snl credits. I always refer to him as danny and I wonder if it's a nickname or he has all his friends call him danny?

I think it’s just a thing that happens. Like everyone loves him and he’s so endearing, I think the nickname just naturally comes to fruition. I don’t think anyone who has ever known him in person has referred to him as anything other than Danny. At least I’ve never seen it. Even Chevy calls him Danny.

I mean just.



ldsalad said:

Weeeeh, sorry for the random message but I had heard of you from buddies of mine in their posts but only just found your artwork from that adorable picture of those cutie Quilava doork friends. Aaah amazing work, keep it up~! ;w;/

Thank you! I’ll make sure I do >w</)

And ahah glad you liked it! Your name is a familiar one for me too tbh, I’m really sure I’ve seen it somewhere before xD 

Good day to you kind person!